219 - II: Furry Dreams


"She got out of the cab, but her eyes strayed beyond the grand splendor of the hotel facade, to the perspectives of the street next to it. She gasped, without the dramatic action of bringing her hand to her mouth, of course. That was it."
- Excerpts from 'Sartorial Sloth Goes Global' 

It is my ultimate outfit of the day shoot location dream. The streets of Taiwan remind me so much of that of Japan, and it just screams La Mode Outre (Asian street style photography) to me. The ridiculously warm temperature on Day One prompted me to only wear two layers, and the deceitful hot feet soak the day before let me to blindly believe lower heels would be alright. Obviously, not.

Wet hair before breakfast. Emotionless faces before nutrition has been obtained. Me in fitting pants. 

Happy New Year! (I'll be away, without internet, until the 3rd of January!)

Taobao jacket; Editor's shirt; Uniqlo pants; Flea bag; Far East shoes

218 - Candy Cane

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I don't think I got very imaginative with my Christmas outfit, but I really wanted to wear white, and I really wanted to wear shorts. The little red accents are all from my Taiwan trip in which I arrived home only on the 23rd - a red bag from the streets of Jiufen; and DIY shoes and necklace ideas spawned in the cramp time spent in a taxi and detached memories of cooling waterfalls and pink sunsets. 

See figure below for how much the ribbon can droop after stumbling your way along Holland Village in five-inch, toe squashing heels which I managed to get off Pia during the first bloggers' flea for only $20. I used it for the Shannon's Bouquet shoot, but this is the first time I'm actually taking these chunkies out for a run. 

"Her friend, Jazell, asked, 'Why don't you just go home?' when she found out that Elizabeth was spending her Christmas afternoon alone in Starbucks waiting for the evening to roll about. Our sartorial sloth had only one reply. 'Shoes.'"
- Excerpts from 'Sloth goes Festive'

I skipped out on all the photos of me posing with a garbage truck. I can do better than that. (P.s. I'll be away until the 3rd of January, but I have some posts scheduled!) 

Photos taken by Rachel
Taobao blazer; Editor's shirt; Giordano shorts; Flea shoes; Taiwan bag; Taiwan bracelets and armbands; DIY necklace and shoes

217 - DIY: Santa Under Wraps

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I would call this a two-part DIY post, but that's stretching the truth. It's about a 1.5-part diy post, and if you're a quick worker it'll take you less than half an hour altogether. I got these simple ideas while I was in Taiwan, so I had to rush down to Chinatown on Christmas Eve to get the materials. Which would also account for the unfortunate, late timing for this post. But fret not dear hobbits, for Chinese New Year also enjoys its more than fair share of red.

Part 1: About half a yard of 3 strings: I chose 2 of the same thickness and one of the thinner, and it only cost me around $2. The spikes I ordered from Taobao, but if you head down to People's Park Complex you should be able to find some of similar variety. 

Ignoring my absolute laziness to take off the tape at the ends of the string, just bind one end of all three strings together with several dozen loops of thread so that you can start braiding! If anything, the fact that I can only braid and do nothing else is reminiscent of how I do absolutely nothing to my hair except wear a cap when I really need a change. Laziness, such a prevalent quality. It's pretty important to get these type of spikes (neither am I sure that there are other types), so you can slot the screws in between the holes from the bottom and screw the spike in from the top. 

After you're done, just do the thread binding at the other end as well, and you can bind a simple string or a chain to the ends so you can wear it as a necklace. Which is actually what this is meant to be, but as long as you adapt the length it can even be a harness. If you're willing to braid that much.

Part 2: There is so little to say about this DIY that there's not much to dignify this post space with. It's a simple ballerina addition with red ribbon, tied around the bottom of the shoe and past your ankles. Do you feel my desperate, pitiful attempt at writing text to fill the space?

I'll be posting my Christmas outfit shots with these simpleton (much like the current state of my catatonic brain) DIYs in the next post. Merry Christmas!

216 - Expression Mechanism

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"Dressed in her unsightly garb - an ill-fitting blue shirt with the words 'HERO' on the front that glowed in the dark, but were littered with small dots of mold; her school shorts and her father's slippers - Elizabeth bent into a pose more repulsive than her attire, her bottom sticking out on the right as her neck and torso craned to the left. Only after the haunting snap of the shutter lens did her muscles let up, and she rose up into a plain, standing pose. Throughout it all, a creature - we need to use 'creature' here, for the large disparity in looks between Elizabeth and her - pale and black stood motionless in front of her."
- Excerpts from 'Elizabeth's Journey to Superior Sartorial Slothdom: Interlude'

My mind has been splendidly blank and uninspired in recent months, but I'm hoping the excellent takeaway from Taiwan will leave me with something more to ponder on, and to provide you with. In the meantime, I hope my blog can at least suffice as the dry reading material before bedtime, perhaps a more modern alternative to Great Expectations, dare I say.

I spent the week before my leave to Taiwan working on an afternoon long (because the morning was spent deciding on an outfit - 3 hours, to decide on a plain black t-shirt, a plain black bandage skirt, and a pair of black boots. Honestly, fashion is an unforgiving, treacherous pain.) shoot for my friend's accessory blogshop, Kollidea, with Rachel again. I am an intensely awkward person in front of the camera - I was not born to model, I literally do the same few poses (not even several) for every outfit shoot I have, and let's just say having to take my boring pictures for 9 days in a row hasn't done much to inspire my brother, my photographer.

Damn, look at the number of expressions on this girl! The limited movement of my facial muscles and the minuscule nature of my eyes will forever, gratefully, prevent me from standing in front of the camera too long.  I'm not sure when my friend will put up the pieces from this shoot, but I'll do a small post when she does!

It's almost Christmas!

215 - Getting Comfy

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"Wear comfortable shoes to look good." Call me up when my 5 year old brother's shoes get onto Tommy Ton's Jak & Jil. The most logical point of this article on ST Communities is probably that attitude plays a large role in determining your "style factor", and attitude is easily swayed by how comfortable you are (a.k.a how much pain your feet are feeling). The issue of attitude in style (widespread as the butter on my bread, does that even make sense?) is for another time, although a few comments in the article did raise some flags in the castle of my brain.

“If your feet are uncomfortable, then you will be in a bad mood and you hold your body in a weird way and you can actually throw out your back and your neck. And you end up not enjoying the evening because you’re uncomfortable.” Wise words that are true, but if you told most Singaporeans to dress comfortable, you wouldn't get much creativity or uniqueness past berms, t-shirts, and hopefully, not flip flops. Fashion isn't impractical, but it can be. My issue here isn't that you need to wear stunning shoes, which majority of the time do not equal comfort, to look good. Much rather, it is the statement "wearing something uncomfortable is the worst fashion disaster" that throws me completely off. I want to wear Jimmy Choos and buy expensive wool coats and fitted, tailored blazers as well, but I don't really have the money to base my entire sartorial lifestyle on these luxurious, but yes, comfortable pieces. 

Comfort can be a trap. If people get too comfortable with their clothes and their style, then there wouldn't be exploration and experimentation, half of what this whole fashion in large quantities issue is about. To those less concerned about what they wear every morning - although I'm convinced everyone is concerned about it, just to varying extents - the tyranny of style over comfort will probably forever and always puzzle them, and perhaps in that sense this article is merely catering to the masses. Even then, there are moments in time where everyone's judgement "lapses" and they fall into the delusional state of being where they want to look nice, impress others, and feel great about how they look despite the impracticalities of nightwalkers and mini-audieres (which really CANNOT store anything) . "Pain is temporary, glory is forever." To the girl who wore high heels to sight see around Taiwan and had to soak her feet in a warm bath at night just to get a few nice shots and present herself the way she wants to, pain is less of an issue. Just suck it up and enjoy everything else. 

214 - Hangar-over

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I wonder if my word play ingenuity strikes through. This was taken at Hong Kong International Airport, where there are airplanes, which are usually kept at hangars. My face is particularly bad and belies the experience of having to wake up at 4 a.m. for a flight, and spent the subsequent 4 over hours switching positions repeatedly in a misleading attempt to gain some reprieve from the torturous world. In other words, a hangover-like expression brought out only by the experiences of flight. 

This is the beginning of my Taiwan trip log, in preparation for which I prepared several outfits, although the terrible weather has now severely slashed at the chances of me walking out of the hotel in 3 layers. Nonetheless, I will try my best. I'll probably be staggering the outfit shots over the next month to make up for some general, deplorable lack of concrete content. So, look 1, slouchy, pajama pants, and heels just to make things inconvenient for myself when I pass through body checks and have to take them off. Oh, airport security.

It is actually COLDER in restaurants than on the streets of Taipei.

Bysi black blazer; Taobao panelled blazer; Mango t-shirt; nameless black pants; Shito shoes; Flea bag

213 - Fat Rope Walking

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Mother: "Very nice meh? It's so big and slouchy!"
Me: "That's the point!"
Mother: "It's like some sumo wrestler thing"
Me: "That's the point! It's for fat days! You can borrow it when you feel fat!!"

It's either she forgot, or mother loves me so much that she chose to ignore the fact that I already have 4 black blazers in my closet, and agreed to buy me yet another one. Eternal cheers for sponsored shopping, especially so since the holidays have been sapping my money (and my newfound appreciation for taxis, a habit I need to kick) and buying these shoes broke the last metaphorical piggy bank. But how could I ignore my two month long plea for a good pair of Autumn/Winter shoes when life throws me a pair of Shitos half price? Alas, you cannot. Although I am slightly reconsidering the neon strip since my closet has shunned away from the trend (save an ill fitting dress from Zara. I blame the sale). Either way, I reckon this stands as a true testimony to what I told Sean during the Feist Heist event. 

It is also because of my utmost grace that I have spared you the worst of the outfit shots with this walking stick a la Daiso. It will be a slow boiling pot of accumulation until I can bestow upon you another one of these ridiculous Blooper-thons. I brought these shoes and this blazer to Taiwan (where I am currently), and after a day of intermittent walking and being out in the Taiwan air, my feet are numb and my jacket is stuffed into my bag from the overbearing LACK of cold air that exists in this climate.

There goes mentally and weather-ly sound layering. ): 

Photos taken by Ana
Bysi blazer; Editor's shirt and shorts; Shito shoes; Taobao panda bag; Daiso walking stick

212 - Some Snow Would Be Nice

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As you read this (if you are a prompt, punctual, devoted, loyal and highly appreciated reader) I will probably be in Taiwan already shopping my school socks (yes, those are the socks I wear when they can't be seen) off, I pray. It was raining the other day, and after cancelling on a friend with some measure of remorse, I climbed into bed and started sketching based but not limited to an instagram shot of the raindrops on my window, which I ended up using as prints here. The colors are honestly a lot worse on the original painting, but photoshop and Hue/Saturation filters do wonders. I went for the tacky yellow (but ombred) wellies, but extra brownie points for being nightwalker wellies. 

In some intangible sense the jacket, the "scarf" and the hoodie are meant to offer the use of protection against the rain (means they can actually come up), although I can't particularly decide on what make and material they should be of. They just have a lot of fold lines because I listened to the brain scrambling Krewella Mix while doing this. Absolutely no regrets. 

Hopefully you will also have noticed the tacky change of header photos, in celebration of the Christmas season! Despite the "rednotion" alias, I don't really like red clothes that much, but I'll concede to make this place smell a little more like poinsettias and pine trees. Featured in the banner, Proenza Schouler with the nail polished matching jacket skirt set, and a Helmut Lang dress.

Look 1: Jacket with off-center zip and hood; printed board shorts
Look 2: "dropped armpits" (idek what I'm saying oh god) coat with fold-able print hood; pants with transparent ankle cuffs
Look 3: Matching set of print hoodie and skirt with paneled transparency

211 - Feist Heist's First

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Dropped by the Feist Heist x White Antler First Anniversary Birthday Rumpus & A Curiously Curated Pop-Up Shop (I had to copy that from the email I got, because honestly, it's such a long event title) last Thursday to take a look at the Feist Heist products and mingle mingle jingle jingle (bell, christmas tree, ooh la la). I've heard enough testimonies from people that the Feist stuff are really worth it given their quality and existence as basics, but it doesn't hurt to cop a real feel (wiggles eyebrows). I still haven't bought anything from there, but I'm pretty sure I'll cave in soon. As I told Sean, they seem to understand this terrible complex I face where "even if I already have a white blazer, if you come up to me and offer me a white blazer with leather sleeves, I will want it."  The true reason behind the 4 over black blazers and jackets in my closet, and the 3 white/cream ones. 

 With much delight, I said hello to Sour Sally.

Feist's Portia dress in white, which you can buy online here

Blooper face while letting John of Street Peek take a few photos. 

 It was also my first time meeting Sean (Seyfried l o l) in real life and I decided to take a page from his book and train my arms with some weights, although I must concede how far outmatched I am in this torturous and surprisingly difficult department. When I finally decided my eyelids wouldn't be too droopy to attend the event, I tried not to think about the impending doom of sitting on the floor in front of my closet and wondering what to wear (absolutely true story, once a week). Increased phone usage this past week however, surfaced an old photo of what I originally wanted to wear to Audi Fashion Fest earlier this year but scrapped in the end (for something much more plain and plebeian. Why, Elizabeth, why?). A few adjustments, and I finally called it a break to my few days of slobbing around the house in a hoodie and shorts. 

Photos taken by Sean
Editor's sheer maxi dress; Taobao blazer; Editor's shorts; Far East boots; Editor's necklace; Lacquar spike bracelet; Lacquar metal buckle bracelet; Lacquar studded leather wristlet; Agnes B silver bracelet; Herve Leger bracelets

210 - Orchid Drops

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The orchid was but a prop fate placed in the bathroom where the shoot took place (other than my room and the bed as per usual). I should have lowered the aperture a bit more, but I guess that's a lesson learnt for another time. A much better shoot than the previous one, and the crystals were much easier to stick than the huge flowers in Shannon's Bouquet. We forgot to bring tweezers though, so things got a bit messy haha.

Honestly, this shoot was almost 2 over weeks back, and the editing was ready by the same night, I just wanted to hold it for when I became a little dry on posts, but in the end what delayed it the most was constant editing. I promise you, each photo went through at like 3 editings, partly because I needed to clean some stuff up and I got so worried about how it would appear on different screens (on my external screen it's crazy overexposed and way too warm, but it's fine on my phone, and personally too warm on my laptop screen). My fingers curl in annoyance whenever I think about it now, and I'm letting my heck-care side take over to just post these as they are. Hopefully, you'll still enjoy

P.s. I've actually done more shoots with Pachel for a friend's blogshop, so those are coming up soon too! My official full-time job is free (no lance) editing.

Quotes are from (one of) my favorite book(s), The Little Prince. So much meaning hidden in simple sentences.

Photographer & Post-editing | Elizabeth
Model & Makeup | Rachel
Borrowed Camera | Henghwee
Black jacket | Thescarletroom