002 - Denim & Bandages

Weekends. Do I enjoy them or what.

Since I can technically only dress up 2 out of 7 days a week, I've decided not to waste the chance and try mixing my clothes up a bit more. But before that, I was checking out Style.com's Spring Shopping Guide, Printemps Primer and I stumbled across these beauties, oh my.

Left: Pedro Lourenço, Cotton dress with concealable palm printed front
Right: Dries Van Noten, Printed clutch

I just need to put in my two cents that these tropical prints must be the most lovely prints to grace the industry since forever. I've never been too fond of prints, but last season I picked up a bit of leopard, but this has got to be my all-time favorite print from here on. It's amazingly fresh. Now I just need to find a cheap knock-off an affordable version of this. Huu, look at those amazing palm trees.

Back to my real life (of much more affordable clothes), I went with denim and black today!

A quick sketch of what I mixed! I didn't wear the platform boots though, they're 4.5 inches and I was going to have to take the bus to town and I didn't find it very practical... so I went with my platform sandals instead. But first choice would have definitely been these.

Denim top with sheer chiffon sleeves from Editor's Market
Bandage skirt from Zara
Shoes from Far East Plaza
Bag from flea market <--- $11 only!!
Necklace from Diva
Rings from Accessorize, Chamelon and flea
Knockoff Raybans (lol) from some random street vendor in Venice!

I have nobody who's going to help me take a picture so I had to do this in my room by myself haha! (Let the judging commence). I'm really way too into the collared shirts + collar necklace fashion right now (then again I've been trying to gather the appropriate articles of clothing to pull it off since one month ago), and I'm probably doing it again tomorrow~

Hahaha the knockoff raybans are from Venice! (Way more than I would've paid in Singapore) but I really needed a pair of sunglasses - we were walking along the coastline and it was so amazingly bright and warm (we took off our coats) so I had to buy a pair. <-- convincing of oneself

*added note that I must really mention how much I HATE wearing bandage skirts (fat legs...)

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