003 - A bit about my future

Recently I've been thinking a lot about pursuing design seriously. I'm only 16 (let's make that 15 since my birthday's in July) and I've been doing this for maybe... 3 years? Since I was 13 - I started my deviantart somewhere in September. If I look back I've definitely come a long way, but I'm still not sure if I should pursue it.

Haha, seriously, I have "asian parents" - who would of course prefer it if I went to university and did a normal course that would get me a stable job and stuff. And part of me is willing to do that: get a decent pay and a stable job, it's not a bad life. Mundane day to day experiences make the special events and holiday feel a lot more exhilarating. But if I really do have talent and perhaps could succeed (to some extent), I would rather I did that as well.

I think my parents ever said something about I could go to design school, but after I go to university and get myself a proper degree first. I agree, but it's a bit of a time-waster and I would rather not have to be dependent on my parents for so long.

Still undecided.

In the meantime, a small something I scribbled up when I was bored on the back of a Starbucks receipt today. Obviously, Gareth Pugh (aka. Genius Pure) is still running through my head. Vrrm!

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