004 - 7 Deadly Sins HC Remake 2012

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I've decided to remake my 7 Deadly Sins collection! (And a side note that I need to stop making a habit of posting everyday - Cause 2 months into this I'll be posting every week, then every month... hahaha)

But yes, the original collection was way back in 2009 and I honestly find it a bit too plain (There's a problem with this - the difference between designs on paper and designs with real fabric in real life, but I'll talk about that another day) and I wanted to try something different, not just draw up the design on my usual croquis but also give it proper poses, textures, and a face!

And to do all that, me being somewhat talented but not that talented in the digital art sector, I decided to do a collab with my tumblr-twitter-SHINee World Concert friend, Melissa/Allena (I cannot decide what I should be calling her), visit her very limited deviantArt profile here. I was particularly impressed by her painting of Yuri's (from SNSD) photoshoot, so I thought it'd be good to work with her! Hopefully we can get something good out of this!

For your information, my original collection looked like this (the watermelon/dragonfruit looking one is Gluttony trolol), check out the gallery here

And I'm going to share my sketches for Pride and Greed (which are the first 2 on the left in the original collection). Since anyway, the real deal is going to be so much more WOW 8D I originally drew the current Greed design for Pride, but as I was drawing it, it felt a bit like Greed. Then when I was racking my brains to draw Greed, I ended up with a design that screamed more Pride, so I'm just going to adapt it a tad bit later on to suit their vices!

Too lazy to put a watermark on this thing. See at first she had this headpiece (behind her head) that would scream PRIDE, but I have to take it away to adapt to Greed! Right now the color scheme is somewhere Yellow (like the original), but I'll see how it pans out - since originally I was planning a green color scheme (because greed relates to money for me). Thumbs up for heel-less shoes!

Ignore the girl with the inflated hair and bandages/ribbons all around her chest, I was trying to make that into Greed but it didn't pan out she just looked like an overdressed assassin. PRIDE is the one on the right, hair with two tendrils down the side and a straight ponytail at the back! Very structured, and I was thinking of using "mirrors" for the body/leotard of the dress! She'll be wearing pants me thinks. And thumbs up for even more heel-less shoes, this time with a mirror at the back! I was thinking of a black-white-green color scheme (haha remnants from GREED), but then again nothing is confirmed.

Hope this turns out good!

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  1. Hi. Congrats for your wonderful work! I love your sketches and your fashion taste! GOD bless you more and more. Hope to hear from you on the news and World's Fashion Shows and of course, to be able to buy your outfits online and on phisycal stores.
    I have a question for you: Do you use COREL DRAW for your digital sketches? Once more, CONGRATS!!! XOXO...