005 - Sun Fei Fei

I originally wasn't planning on posting today, but I'm digressing for my much-needed to be done work and I thought I really needed to post about this wonderful girl who just screams gorgeous to me.

This is my current phone wallpaper and everytime I unlock my phone it's just... oh god. Meet Sun Fei Fei who has immediately charmed her way into my favorite models list the moment I saw her picture on Onesixtynotepad. I'm not sure what exactly charms me about her, but she's got really nice sharp features and an overall very stunning look (do check out her editorial in Vogue China October 2010). She's definitely been on a lot more runways recently and I am relishing very well in the fact!

following images from Style.com
Fei Fei at Valentino Spring RTW 2012

Roberto Cavalli Spring RTW 2012
(side note I really love that blazer - weakness for them)

Versus Spring RTW 2012

P.S. The Versus Spring Ready-To-Wear collection 2012 is amazing. Donatella and Christopher Kane did an wonderful job it's definitely one of my favorite collections this season! I guess I do have quite a few favorite models who made quite the impression on me when I first saw them (eg. everyone's favorite Freja Beha Erichsen, Sigrid Agren), but right now I am obsessed (what an ugly word to use) with Sun Fei Fei, or as Style.com and most fashion sites like to write it, Fei Fei Sun~

come on look at her:


  1. Yeah,she looks VERY beautiful! [#SharingAThought: Looking for the first pic I think she could be Mulan if anyone wanted to film this history! =) ~ Am I crazy? hehehe]

    1. Haha my friend commented that her face is too sharp - everything: her eyes, her nose, her jawline, are all sharp. But I really like those kind of looks