007 - RIP McQueen

11 February 2010. 2 years since then, but Alexander McQueen has not lost the admiration I have for him. He was one of those designers who I discovered late (then again I started designing before I followed runway shows), but he wasn't one of those who I needed to watch for a few seasons to like. He was one of those amazing designers who could capture you with one collection, and with that one collection you know you'll be loving every subsequent one he'll be putting out. It's sad that I only discovered him from his Spring 2010 collection - forever one of my top few collections in history. It MADE history.

Spring 2010 (Plato!) Could one be described as cutting edge. McQueen used amazing digital prints and designs, and the whole show, from the lights and the setup, to the hair and makeup, and not forgetting those legendary shoes - created a world other than our own. In my opinion that was McQueen's magic.


When his death hit, it never occurred to me what that really meant until some time later when I bothered going through his works properly to understand that the fashion world had really lost a genius - one who represented romanticism, classic British tailoring and an imagination and skill like no other.

It pains me that I could only begin to discover his genius, yet have it end so soon, and all I was bitterly left with was his Fall 2010 collection, an amazing mix of history and Romanticism, filled with hues of gold and red, royal from head to feet.

2 years have passed, but Alexander McQueen will remain one of those few designers who have dared to go out of society's boundaries to create something that would impress itself forever in my mind and make its notch in history, becoming eternally timeless.

Wherever you may be McQueen, rest in peace and continue to look over your brand, continued by Sarah Burton who I am sure has been trying her best to live up to your legacy, and has been doing a fine job.

Ps im typing this on my phone so forgive me if the format is messed up. I'll edit it when I finally drag my tired ass home tonight.

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