008 - A. Wang + C. Siriano + Personally

Apparently, Christian Siriano took his latest inspiration from a 1933 film, Vampire Bat. I am not particularly inclined to Google nor YouTube it, but as streamlined and clean-cut as this collection was (quite shocking from the old Siriano I used to follow - since I haven't checked his stuff in a while), there were still some amazing pieces that deserve a minute-long stare (considering it's a picture, I don't actually expect people to stare at it for more than 5 minutes...)

I really liked the black lipstick mood going on - but alas I shall never be fair enough to pull it off well!

Notice the interesting sewing going on for the skirt!

Well hello Miss Mermaid, I must have dropped my jaw down to my feet when the screen flickered to this. The fish-scales look isn't overdone, and the sheen gives it a really elegant feel. But personally, the best addition was the sheer stretch over her shoulders - somehow it manages to tie up everything nicely.
And the present was delivered with a nice bow - in the form of that lovely expression on the model's face.

And who can go off without talking about mighty genius of our generation Alexander Wang. A little birdy on DeviantArt mentioned in passing that Mr. Wang here had dropped out of Parsons to create his own line (then again Bill Gates dropped out of college too - but they're all geniuses anyway) and I went to read up a little about him, and I read something that sort of further bumped him up in my esteem ladder (if that was even possible)

He never has been a purveyor of fantasy. Instead, as he told i-D in 2009, he aims for something that’s even harder to deliver: “clothes that girls want to wear.”

"Clothes that girls want to wear" and honestly I can't use a better phrase to say how I want to design my clothes. I don't see fashion as an art, or form of expression as most people do - I still do take it to a certain sense, but my priority and ideas have recently, and will probably from now on be centered around creating somewhat (taking into account retarded pieces I design like one legged pants, but I've been taking liberties) wearable pieces. Probably why I don't engage myself in the fancy, detailed arts of haute couture very often. 

But before I go even way off tangent (if you would like to hear me continue to go on and on about my personal design style I'll probably do a post about it on my deviantart), Mister A Wang's fall collection is polished - quite literally. Not only does it exude this polished and rich persona, most of the pieces are literally shining in the light. What with the lacquer, lamination, and leather. It's definitely more grown-up, but I very much still enjoy it. 

When my friend asked me "Did you see Alexander Wang's new collection?" The first image that popped up was definitely of those amazing ninja/surgical mask turtlenecks haha! Definitely one of the key elements of this show.

Look at dat leather mmm...

I have a weakness for sheer fabrics and clothing, and honestly I've never thought of using it in this fashion (aha pun), but really, dying for that turtleneck.

I just find this photo impeccably feminine and sexy. I'm not sure if its the coat, or how the model is walking, or that slit showing her thigh, but this is incredibly sexy.

P.s. extra picture of Mr. A-Wang because he is now my new idol and he looks so happy here haha. Oh good lord, Elizabeth.

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