009 - Those platforms on Akris

Aloha mon cheries! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Just a little something I came up with in the midst of practice today - actually I only came up with the first design, and then the rest I just "anyhow" did it. My friend commented the coat on the last one might be a bit too heavy; now that I look at it I might agree.

But anyway, done with the girly pink stuff, I just wanted to do a quick post on Akris Spring/Summer 2012 which I stumbled across the other night while randomly surfing on my phone. I really love the greens they got going on here, and it's a really neat and polished collection inspired by cars (just like Miuccia Prada~). Haven't heard of Akris (by Albert Kriemler) before, but maybe I might watch out for future collections ^^

Had a hard time picking out only a few pieces to share - as much as I love all the genius of other designs and a lot of interesting things going on, I also love wearable and simplistic pieces, so more or less I love this whole collection, so check it out here!

Look at those amazing shoes oh god

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