010 - Vera, Vera, Vera

Despite how much I enjoy the sweet tale of how Rodarte came to be, I have to admit I've always found it hard to appreciate their stuff - I'm not really one for extreme eccentricities. Nonetheless, "Australian Outback" being their inspiration for the season, there are still a few striking pieces. And wow, I need to talk about these plexiglass-heeled shoes. That's sand in them. 

Recently I've been playing around with the idea of plexiglass/transparent heel/platform shoes - You'll see it in my 7 Deadly Sins HC Collection \o/ And just today I was thinking of putting stuff in - maybe liquid (literally walking on water oh god lol), and then I come home and find out that Rodarte has put sand in theirs! 

It's like 2 years ago when I drew some dresses and later on when I was browsing Valentino (I was such a HUGE valentino fangirl) I saw pieces that were 80% similar and I was so shocked. I'm serious, I never saw those designs before!

Also particularly enjoy this leather piece. (Hello, Liu Wen)

Moving on, Vera Wang. Oh my, I've never been particularly interested in Vera Wang - nor have I followed her collections (save that one collection where there were butterfly prints everywhere hm), but I'm speechless at how much I enjoy this collection. I don't seem to have as big a problem with the sheer dresses as the review on Style.com has, but I just really love the overall emphasis on structure and unique cuts and folds. I'm sorry, I'll be spamming a lot of pictures.

The opening piece hooked me - and the rest of the show was just quite a sinker. 
But look at that amazing code with the oversized hood/cape, and the lights and shadows give it a gradient that overall just makes it that much more compelling.

Ok but yes, I do see a slight problem with the sheer pieces..

That is such a luscious shirt - the color, the material, and the folds are so exquisite. Mixed reactions on the bottom look - I love the whole arrows and graphic stuff going on - but it might be too much for me.

Unf androgynous looks for the win.

And this was honestly quite a show stopper - the prints combined with the layering and cutting at the midriff/hips area gives SUCH an amazing architectural effect. Well done, Vera. (after this there are some dresses that I do not find particularly appealing - but hey celebrate the pros instead of the cons). Either way - check it out. Might be worth your time.

I've also been trying to just randomly click on designers I don't recognize - so I get a little more exposure. And I got a pleasant surprise when I checked out Alexander Herchcovitch. I haven't checked out his previous collections, but this collection had pieces that were just my style - clean cut with an edge (not to mention browns and gold are always in my favor color palette)

(this gold and sheen however reminds me very much of Balenciages SS2012 look 07)

What I found the most interesting however, is when you take an overview of the collection (Style.com) and you see the gradient of colors. How appealing~

Btw, I've been sketching a resort collection. Excited, or excited?

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