012 - M for Majestic & P for Perfection

I just posted like half an hour ago (please still do take a look at the previous post - I posted designs!) , but shortly after I checked the February 15 NYFW shows and oh my god I need to post about this.

Sure we had quite a few big names today like Michael Kors and Anna Sui, but they didn't leave much of an impression on me. No I'm not saying they're bad, but it's because

Proenza Schouler and Marchesa totally stole the spotlight.

I cannot even begin to describe the eyegasm I am experiencing right now - the daring and innovative (and somewhat androgynous; let me repeat: androgynous for the win) looks from Proenza, and the sheer detail and hint of romanticism in those Marchesa gowns. I may have waited 7 days to finally see their new collections, but this was totally worth the wait.

Starting with M for Majestic, Marchesa has got it all down - beautifully feminine and fantasy-like dresses with luxurious materials and intricate detail. Just spend some time staring; they pretty much speak for themselves.

Not sure what that feathery-like material is at the bottom (once again declares myself a fabric noob), but it's got such a soft and luscious look.

When I was browsing this on my phone earlier today (trust me you do not get the full blunt effect until you see it properly in clear resolution) - I didn't notice the dress as much as those knee high gladiator boots in royal gold. If I had the legs and money to pull that off, baby come into my closet.

If you haven't picked it up already - look at her chest and that sublime ribcage detail!!!!

Probably one of the simpler pieces: but putting construction aside, a genius choice of fabric - that shine doesn't need no extra embellishments and detail to dull it.

I have to add in a side note that this collection somehow reminds me of McQueen's Fall 2010 - maybe its the slight theme of romanticism and the royal hues of gold. Probably the runway setup with the carpets and mirrors as well.

And then, M, N, O, P for Perfection. Sheer Perfection. I'm not so much concerned over the fact that with this show Proenza has made the "oversized" a definite trend this fall, but I applaud their bravery and ingenuity with all these new silhouettes. It's like minimalism, but in a new light.

Really love that coat. Not going to be keeping anybody warm, but still a piece of genius.

Exquisite handywork with the weaving of the jacket there.

The sort of oversized jacket silhouettes they got here kind of remind me of some safety jacket or sorts - or probably a karate gi (these men have taken marvelous inspiration from the east), but transformed it into something way more chic. 

Oriental prints and themes at its best (Hello Sigrid Agren!)

What a glorious day in fashion. 

images from style.com

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