013 - Minimalism epitomized

I do realize recently my posts have just been dominated by NYFW shows and pictures, so here's a small update on what's going on in my private designing life:

1. I've done up all the 7 Deadly Sins relevant materials, now I just have to slowly color and detail them and the rest is Melissa's job! (But we're both busy so that'd be taking some time)
2. Resort collection is on hold - I'm playing with a few other ideas like a LBD collection, or a minimalism/androgynous collection since that is actually the kind of fashion I personally like to wear.
3. I borrowed a book from the library yesterday about sewing and a bit of pattern making. It basically describes how to build body and sleeve blocks, and I'd love to get started but I'm a bit at loss to how I should properly do it without a tailor's dummy (I called up Spotlight and apparently the price range is from $300+~$600+ aka not very affordable if I'm just trying stuff out). I'll figure something out, but I also need some calico or scrap cloth to work with; and improve my terrible stitching and sewing (even with the machine) skills, let's not forget that.

But in the meantime I've done up 2 somewhat minimalistic/androgynous (how they are supposed to be minimalistic/androgynous I can't actually describe - clothes just "feel" that way to me OTL) designs that've been stuck in my head this week. No collection to put them in yet though. (Along with like 100+ over designs I have lying around in my room)

But moving on BACK TO NYFW (sorry guys HAHA), Mandy Coon's Fall 2012-2013 is breathtaking. Minimalistic, simple, and very, very ready-to-wear. Stores that sell these sort of clothes are the ones I walk into, although you don't find many of them. Most of them are independent designers - which means prices I cannot usually afford (I'm still 15 dear god) or they've changed this style to something less classy and polished. I'm a really picky buyer.

Although on a side note this style tends to favor the slim (like slim slim not "not fat") so I lose out a bit there.

No idea why but this model is reminding me of Bella from Twilight trolol.

And we can't forget Calvin Klein Collection, not so much minimalist, but polished, which I enjoy well enough (aka Zara - expensive but at least it looks expensive). When it comes down to it, going with simplistic/minimalistic styles and lack of print is quite of true test of design, in my opinion. The only thing you have left to play with is fabrics (texture), opacity (sheers), embellishments, and it all boils down to cut, design and originality - especially if you're even more restricted in a "ready-to-wear" collection.

CK managed to hit the spot though. Sexy and polished. That be a killer combination.

One of my favorite pieces of the collection - using leather(ette) to just make a well-cut and fitting piece. No need to go overboard.

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