014 - Black & White

February 18 brings a lot of black and white to the fall runway - just the way I like it.

Before that, a few select "colorful" pieces I enjoyed while browsing around the shows:

Moschino Cheap & Chic

House of Holland

But back to the point, 3 wonderful collections filled with blacks and whites! Aquascutum, which main color palette seems to not only be black and white, but a few mix-ins with dirty green and maroon. Mature, wearable fashions - a teeny wit boring, but they did spice out some of the pieces with a little originality.

Love the fur panel!

Probably my favorite piece - note the subliminal cut at the hips: how fun! 

And then, gracing the stage as well were designs from Ireland based John Rocha! The first few pieces seemed to be jam-packed with volume (the use of fur definitely amped up the volume), but it slowly faded out into something less striking but there nonetheless. Definitely an all black collection, but played hues of colors, as it begins to pop up in more streamlined pieces at the end. He plays with sheers (so reminiscent of Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2012) and these flowery gatherings of material.

Had to share for those adorable shoes and bag!!!

Striking piece.

The last collection I'm going to share is about Simone Rocha. Aha, Rocha? Didn't you just see John Rocha - are they related? That's what I thought too. So with my trusty friend Google I typed in a few search terms and lo and behold, Simone is the daughter of John. And she is blessed with talent alright (and the amazing luck of having a designer father so entry to the scene isn't all that unfamiliar anymore)

Before that, it also pays to know that despite having graduated around 2 years ago she's definitely been making an impact. For example, that's her dress Lady Gaga is wearing in Elle UK's January Issue this year. (yes, we all know mint is so in this spring)

And trust me, after this collection you will have no impressions that she's just in the scene cause of her connections - this wonder girl truly has got talent. Her designs have a young street vibe to it - and I can't wait for what she pops up with next.

Those looking like adidas/running shoes to me. (No close-ups available yet...)

Love that silvery leather - such a casual but original touch.

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