015 - Get wild and furry

So many shows, but I don't want to post them all haha. Well firstly, I'm pleasantly surprised at Topshop Unique's streamlined collection to a utilitarian theme. A very nice change from that Egyptian disaster I saw in it's Spring RTW 2012. There are a few more pieces that I particularly enjoyed, and it would do you good to take a look here

Mulberry (other than launching their new Del Rey line of handbags - of course inspired by Lana Del Rey, though I have not the slightest clue why her)

 decided to pick Where The Wild Things Are as an inspiration point - which would explain the volumes of furry, yeti-like pieces (oh hey, something that will finally keep us warm!) But yes, take a quite overview of the pieces and your eyes will be treated to warm hues of orange and browns - very autumnal. This season Mulberry is just a wealth of prints and textures that overload your eyes (not necessarily in a bad sense). They definitely managed to spruce things up with some quirky bead details and zig zag patterns, but they did sober down to classic black and leather fall pieces. Emma Hill and her magic touch - nothing seems too overdone, and it's brought some life onto the runway!

Beginning to remind you of this?:

An intermission of some pieces I enjoyed for Jonathan Saunder's Fall collection:

And finally, one of my favorite brands, Acne. Those tasseled loafers from Spring 2012 definitely made a big statement - its everywhere. When I took a look at this collection, I particularly went to stare at the shoes HAHA! Hmm, maybe those shoes with the velcro straps at the front might be the next cult fashion. Some pieces I didn't enjoy (it's always been that way for me with Acne), honestly I feel that the oversized silhouettes couldn't compare to some other collections I've seen this fall. But you'll notice that for the oversized silhoeuttes and volumes, he makes it up with that huge belt (bam bam bam you'll see it in like 80% of the looks) - yay or nay? 

(SHOES!!) Might I add she looks terribly awkward in that jacket. 

I'm sorry I just really don't know what's going on with this one.

Overall, this collection didn't particularly match up to the hopes I had for it. (Not like their Spring RTWs - those are always a bliss to the eyes)

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