016 - g-g-ghosts 'n' stuff

(If you can even understand what I'm drawing lol) but I'm thinking of doing something like a structured yet fluid ~fall~ collection. I don't typically do my fall collections now - I do them at the end of the year but I've been following NYFW too closely and after seeing a million leather, bomber jackets and coats, my brain is teeming with some ideas.

Of course this is just a preliminary sketch-up, I may just dump these in a corner as with other collections I've done before. I need a proper inspiration/mood board to work with (Like for Euterpe I used The Garden Of Earthly Delights - just overflowing with inspiration points!) But yes, all I based this one was... deadmau5's mouse head lol. That's why the pipings on the sleeves are going to be a neon-ish color, and all those random dots are actually going to (hopefully) reflect something like all those LED lights for the eyes and mouth.

Inspiration comes from the oddest of places.

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