017 - Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten DESERVES a master post dedicated to him and no one else. Let's take a step back from all that Fall 2012-2013 hype and review his previous collections.

Today I suddenly remember viewing this collection with gorgeous grey scale prints of tropical photos. And for my life I couldn't remember which designer it was - so I checked my history. And then it clicked: Mr Dries Van Nouten aka the man who created that tropical print clutch that is on my to-die-for list right now.

For Spring 2012, Van Noten worked with photos from photographer James Reeve - which gave birth to these amazing prints that Van Noten wielded even more spectacularly. When I take a look back to previous collections it seems like he likes to balance and mix different themes - what's apparent here will probably be something along the lines of day and night - flawless (i repeat, flawless) tropical prints and whites versus a city night lights theme (I would say theme more than print because Van Noten 'accentuated' these lights with actual beads) set on black fabric. Get ready to feast your eyes on pure genius, people.

Mother of all beautiful prints come to me now

Did I mention I really like shorts. Shorts + a good print = I'm withering

Although I'm not particularly a huge fan of this collection (nothing simply lives up to the Spring 2012), since this IS a master post, I'll post his Fall 2011 collection. Overwhelming collage of prints and silhouettes - very vintage (exactly what I find hard to appreciate - I'm a modern person)

And with Spring 2011, Van Nouten said "Let there be light!!!" and revived boyfriend blazers and the like - not forgetting his signature of combining men and women styles, and a light touch of vintage glamour. 

I would love to share Fall 2010's ready to wear as well, but the sharpened quality is gagging me and hopefully 3 collections are enough to convince you that Dries Van Noten is a genius to watch out for. 

I'm excited for Fall 2012-2013, and the moment I see his name appear, I know I'll be jumping in my seat. Not only because of his designs, but if you haven't noticed, Van Noten is pretty loyal about his models - you'll see the same ones popping up time and time again.

Doesn't hurt that one of those models - who has been popping up for 4 collections thus far - is Sun Fei Fei. Oh fates, you bless me so.

Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

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