018 - Mary the Mistress of Prints

There's way too many shows to cover omg. Of course I'm not actually planning on posting all - most of the time this blog is also acting as a quick self-reference to collections I enjoy, so I'll take my time. But I fell asleep yesterday so I didn't see some really awesome shows like David Koma and Mary Katrantzou (both of which I WILL be covering - hurrah), but shows like today's Gucci Dark Glamor oho I'll wait for another time~

 No. 21 (Oh god not forever 21 - never. But please do check out Sh!t Fashion Girls Say: one of the videos has this amazingly epic line "It looked like Forever 21 vomited all over her." I needed to pause the video at that moment and take 2 minutes to snuffle out my laughter after that) is young. There's probably no easier word to use to describe it. I'm particularly fond of the visual effect of the tweed!

Those shoes look interesting. Need to remind myself to find close-ups!

I really really love this shade of turquoise

Francesco Scognamiglio (I had to refer to the page multiple times to actually type that name out) had a few interesting pieces at the end - and after reading the Style.com review, apparently he's always been quite the avant garde type but he decided to go tamer and more commercial this time, but near the end it definitely got a bit more interesting. A few pieces I enjoyed:

I'm presuming this is the whale-grapefruit print the review was talking about, but whatever it is, I approve!!!

Apparently this is also supposed to be grapefruit inspired. I can see the inspiration in the color, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the bodice/neckline was "ripped intestines?" :X

Emilio de la Morena brought a lot of blacks and slim, clean-cut silhouettes. (Another quick look at Style.com's review says it's a bit 180 from his usual - but I'll check that out another time. I have french homework waiting for me) 

Aww those cute hopi ribbon headbands + that really nice grungy print

I really like the PVC/plastic shine!

DAVID KOMA IS BULLETPROOF AND INVINCIBLE. The statement is quite true - literally. I was pretty shocked at the "bulletproof" looking material he's using, what exactly is that? But either way, he used it amazingly and built a strong and fierce collection. It really leaves a very 'clean' taste in your eyes/mouth?? Lol I should not be using food descriptions, but take a roll through the pictures and you'll see, it's utterly no-frill and very, very satisfying.

Those really really sheer sleeves (Y)


Sorry I can't see you over Mary Katrantzou's flawless handling of prints and silhouettes. Seriously, if you take a quick look at her past collections - all involved prints. Flawless mistress of prints, and this time she treats you to real, real eye candy, further beefed up with amazing silhouettes and structure. HATS OFF, the Mistress of Prints is IN THE HOUSE. She doesn't even stick to 3 or 4 prints, I swear she has at least 30 over different prints in there, every outfit seems to have it's own set of prints. And the icing on the cake that brings it together is that they all converge to form amazing (I'm running out of positive adjectives here), stunning dresses that will send your eyes reeling. Feast your eyes.

One of my favorite pieces

Oh wait this too

Let's not forget this.

Please just take a moment to appreciate how flawless her understanding of prints are - she knows what prints to use where, such that when she folds or cuts, or when it gathers, it gives you the right optical illusions.

omg come here and marry me

love love love this hedge maze piece

And if you notice, she's not shy about colors. She went through a whole spectrum of them - neutrals and pastels to yellow, to red, to blue, to greens, and to monochrome.

These eyes are satisfied.

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