019 - Max Money Mara

I'm done with my moodboard for fall collection (the deadmau5 inspired one in case you forgot: here) - and I also learnt a valuable insight about myself: I'm terrible at this moodboard designing/polyvore thing. Nonetheless, here it is:

Quick explanation: Originally I was inspired by deadmau5's logo for Moar Ghosts N Stuff, so you see that mouse there, and that went on to some neon inspirations, and night lights (I'm considering doing color blocking or paneling). But I also thought along the lines of "structured but fluid", so, I smartly went to google and flickr along the lines, and we get a lot of architectural stuff, and water droplets. 

Then I wanted to play with opacities and sheers - what better way than x-rays. I read a review on Marchesa's collection in my local paper today about how even though the ribcage and skeletal detailing was nice, it was all too reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. I say, to hell with that! Fashion's always going to be reused - just going to be how you do it. And yeah, blacks, greys, dark blues and neon hues.

And I wanted to add a few references so we got platform heels (though I doubt I'll be doing pumps or peep toes, not really my style) and Balmain's bomber jacket (ahahahah) - but yes, I'll be doing bomber jackets, and a bit of metallic elements too.

Quick update on my resort collection: It's all drawn up, now all I need is to scan and color it - and give it a name.

Moving on, Moschino Fall 2012 is like eclectic cowboys (or cowgirls) with huge gold loop earrings that remind me of bull rings (sorry) and a look that reminds me way too much of Adele.

"Je suis une cowgirl éclectiquee!" sorry just came back from french class

And that bun of hair be rolling in the deep

Moving on from my obvious distaste for that hair, Max Mara be bringing Maximum Money in. The opening model made me do a double-take "Sorry am I checking out the men's collection instead?" No no no  that's just Saskia de Brauw in a utilitarian jumpsuit that could easily slip into a men's collection. In fact the whole show was so androgynous - not the modern androgynous clothing sort of androgynous, but the actual androgynous like "Hey is that a man?" I love it. Floor length, heavy coats that bring in a lot of volume and shape, paired with pants and shirts, and I could post all the pictures but you should go check it out yourself.

Visual shock I need this now. That hat is such a statement.

And lastly, T by Alexander Wang is as wearable as always. He just makes such basic pieces look so good and just makes you think "Ah, it might be worth spending 7 times the price on that shirt" Because it's the subliminal cuts and shapes that bring it all out. Minimalism. Yum.

Bomber jackets are all in - need to go get myself one

(I've got somewhat similar pieces to be able to pull this off - I just might)
But there's this very slight sheerness that gives it its character.

Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the weekend!

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