021 - Don't worry about your leopard prints

(please scroll all the way to the bottom for amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim closeups) Did you, like a lot of people, buy leopard prints last season? I was hesitant on buying leopard prints cause I figured by Spring they'd be out. But I managed to find a cheap one from F&F in Prague, and G2000 was having a sale (although that piece was a lot tamer), but I didn't really wear them more than once or twice.

However, take a look at Blumarine and Just Cavalli and a few other labels (you just need to dig) and you'll see leopard prints popping up big again. So for now, just neatly tuck aside those pieces cause you'll still be able to use them later this year! Internal hurrah!

I was up until god knows what time last night doing my resort collection, so I managed to catch the live stream of Blumarine's Fall 2012-2013. A quick summary of the collections through my thoughts (that ended up being tweeted while i was watching the show):

  • more like all the fur on blumarine in every freaking color - pink yellow blue purple orange
  • metallics~
  • those metallic silver biker gloves!!!!!!!
  • i need that metallic bag!
  • oh gawdd leopard print u srs
  • shes head to toe in leopard print omg scarf coat blazer shirt pants and shoes
  • those rainbow oil shine shoes are raaaddd

I just went to look for close-ups, and omg, what amazing metallic snakeskin


What material is that - seriously I'm dubbing this the "rainbow oil shine" because it's like when you see oil on the road

Just Cavalli is bringing in more than leopard - it's bringing in zebras too. 

Amazing construction. 

I would love to post about 3.1 Phillip Lim but I'm so lazy too, except I was pretty interested in the shoes, so I went to find close-ups, and found a few more treasures instead.

A clutch within a clutch. Ingenious. (Oh god this is half sarcasm but really I like this)

That semi-translucent collar with an amazing shine!!

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