043 - Presents for myself

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I bought this matte black metal bracelet about 2 weeks back, and I absolutely love it. I'm pretty obsessed with spikes and studs right now, my friend says I'm turning into a punk, but I'd think otherwise. I have my eyes on a hairband with metal spikes. Come to me! ☆▽☆

This is from Lacquär (that a and it's two eyeballs wasted 3 minutes of my life on Google and Wikipedia), my ultimate go-to shop in Far East Plaza. Love the stuff there, and though I've yet to buy any clothes or shoes, oh the woes of a jobless student, this bracelet was my first buy. Satisfied. $13 might have me rejecting for certain shops, but I'm just willing to spend when I'm at Lacquar, screw the a.

And today, since my somewhat long abstinence from physical, real-life shopping, I finally bought myself a leather (doubts) cuff with studs. Pish posh, punk. Feels pretty sturdy though, and a good $13 spent. Can't wait to wear it.

Back to shopping on ASOS.

042 - Sandals

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Meet the CÉLINE sandal in off-white smooth calfskin. A shoe that needs to be in your closet. Rather, sandals need to get into my closet. Although with my broad and less-than-perfect feet, finding a good pair will be difficult.

Conclusion: Sandals are for pretty feet.

Or perhaps, something more covered that may help the ugly-feet syndrome like this pair of Camille Skovgaard sandals. Or something more rebellious like Alexander Wang's chloe perch-trimmed leather sandals, which my eyes are finding hard to leave. Or we could always go flat with 3.1 Phillip Lim's Domina sandals, which I have previously expressed my deep longing and admiration for.

On a side note, shopping on e-tailers made me stumble across this Vanderbilt Bib Necklace which epitomizes cost/wear. €630 for a statement necklace, and we all know those come with a very preemptive expiry date.

041 - Chalayan

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Note: It is to all your conveniences, and my great pleasure, if you type in your glorious email into that subscription bar and hit the submit button. Great treasures are in store, ye pirates of the interweb. 

I'd imagine you've been thinking that I might have rolled off the face off the earth (hear ye, all believers of the-earth-is-flat), but no, I've just been balancing extremes of leisure, like staying up till 4am reading manga, and work, like doing phyics at 3 in the morning.

Which also means, (cut) is nowhere near complete. But today, I want to share the sheer mystique that is Hussein Chalayan and his designs. Norwithstanding his more docile creations, there are really some collections that just make you go, "What exactly is he trying to convey?" It's abstract, but it's a spell-binding style that keeps you on the edge for his future masterpieces.

Perhaps the best place to start would be the groundbreaking Fall 2000 collection. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen this being featured in books, but that stands as a testimony to it's legacy.

Models came out, ripped those terribly plebian looking arm-chair covers, and wore them; chairs turned into suitcases. If you can double the function of a seemingly useless piece of cloth, that speaks volumes to me of his ingenuity and technical knowledge.

Tables into skirts, how much more magical does that get. Cinderella, you can do without your fairy godmother. 

And nearly a decade later, perhaps there isn't anything as magical as the 2000 fall show, but Chalayan's creations are still very much stunning, and perhaps, perplexing.

Fall 2003
Meet the inflatables. 

Fall 2005
Drowning in it.

Spring 2007
Raise your hands up for a skirt that makes flashing a one-step process.

Fall 2007
Aliens alive, and more expanding skirts. 

And perhaps, in recent years Chalayan has probably swerved a bit off the avant-garde path and we lack such in-your-face, blase designs, obviously meant to mess with your head. And if avant garde hasn't been your type, it is also worth acknowledging that Chalayn does this ready-to-wear with talented hands and a creative mind, definitely putting himself on my top designers list.

Perhaps a non-avant-garde Chalayan post is to be in session.

040 - f(cut)

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I'm not too sure what mixture of words I should use to attach some form of identity to this collection, but right now perhaps it might be knighted "cut" (disregard the f(cut), my brain hasn't been f(x)-ing). If you have no idea where this spawned from, read here. This is technically supposed to be a mixture of jersey or any more comfortable, structure-less form of material on the lower part of the back, and the rest is made out of something opposite to that, so the incisions (aha, cut) on the front can hold. 

Downloaded a trial of Illustrator which has also thoroughly convinced me that I'm going to be needed this piece of junk for more than 30 days, say perhaps, my whole life instead. I was planning on only doing this collection on illustrator, but all these beautiful, clean cut lines and curves are charming the non-existent socks of mon feet. 

Hopefully majority of the people reading this post have been directed here by my deviantart, (ho hee ho huu, thou shalt become religious followers of this blog), and I refuse to post anymore of these parts on the aforementioned website until it's all done.

Cheap dirty tricks.

039 - Advent of the sunglasses

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Stumbled upon this photo taken by my friend.

Advent of the sunglasses. Cat-eye, "Ray-bans inspired", the list goes on. Of course here I am photographed being an imbecile and an abomination to the beings called human by attempting to be a 10-eyes. Attractive.

I also took my "A. wang inspired" cat-eye sunglasses out for a spin at Chinese Gardens with said friend again the other day. This is one of those rare off-days when you roll out a bed a fashion barbarity while wishing "I hope it rains so I don't have to get out". Editor's Market white shirt: let me add that it is amazingly comfortable - like those blanket sheets you've washed a million times that are just so amazing to slip into after a day dealing with the incompetent world. FBTs, you can officially arrest me now. And River Island espadrilles, although the state of them are less than pristine.

On a good note, I think I've finished my projects, so maybe that 6-piece capsule collection by this weekend isn't such an unfathomable goal anymore. 

038 - Sans inspiration

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It has been flitting around my mind - is an inspiration process really needed to design? There seems to be a big hoo-ha and emphasis on the whole inspiration and research process; although the latter I do understand. But perhaps there may be another way. Recently I may have taken to following this norm, but a lot of my previous designs didn't stem from a collectivized inspiration - I just drew. I draw a few pieces, like above, to set the mood, direction, and elements, and just work from there.

Work is calling and sleep is alluring. Hopefully I'll be able to complete this 6-piece capsule collection sometime this week.

037 - Vintage Burberrys

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Meet Vintage Burberry a la god-knows-how-many-years ago. Mother actually gifted this to me some time back, maybe last year, but it's unbearably small and I've not particularly been subscribing to vintage fashion and dressing (Alexander Wang's M.O.D. please and thank you), so it's just been sitting in a Salvatore Ferragamo drawstring bag (again, no idea).

It's really still in tip-top condition. I guess that's what you get when you pay ridiculous prices and get all your money tied up in leather bags that won't increase in value (jewelry should hence be greater appreciated). 
Only bad this is.. it's a dust storm in there. Did I mention I'm allergic to dust? (Yes, my nose gets all clogged up and nonsense surrounding that)

But the post is "Vintage Burberrys" plural with everybody's favorite letter 's'. I came home from Japanese class (and viewing my fully furnished room in my new house - it's all white, I'm serious. With a bit of wood.), and I saw a pile, ok not really, just a brown British India skirt that looks like you're wearing a towel and is only suited for the beach, and a Burberry print piece of cloth.

And I'm like, is that real. Whatever it may be, it turned out to be CULOTTES hahahahaha oh my it's a bit loose on me but I'll make it werk somehow. According to ze mother, it was her very first piece of Burberry (she used to be such a fan, then she jumped to Gucci, and now she's at LV) 

Crumpled from years of being stuck in a cupboard, but really I guess quality wins out it still looks and feels pretty darn good. Now, just when to wear it. Vintage is such a foreign territory.

Size 10, and some people are size 0s. Hrn, our family has never been very slim or petite. On another universe, I was thinking about jumping into the pajama trend. Looks terribly comfortable and it would be so much better than peplums. (I'm still having problems pronouncing it. Is it pep-lum, or pe-plum. Technicalities) My own take on it will probably be some British-India-screaming linen drawstring pants. Forgive me for I am new to this mode of clothing call "pants". Shorts it has always been. Speaking of which, Zara, where are my shorts, I've been waiting for them. 

And a little extra: I've cut my hair. This is annoying. It's too short. Long hair is an accessory. Let me repeat, long hair is an accessory. other than the fact you can do about a million hairstyles with them (which I don't), it gives you something nice to play with. It's short now, and it makes me look.. girlier. Hrn.

On a good note, I love to go to the salon. Plus now my usual cut has changed into some cut + hair and scalp treatment thing. And you know what that means? Double the headrub when they wash your hair. Got to love those things.

036 - M U G L E R & F O R M I C H E T T I

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Guess who's coming to town for AFF? T H I E R R Y M U G L E R AND N I C O L A F O R M I C H E T T I.

No prizes, but I couldn't breathe when the announcement was made (along with Roland Mouret, Mae Pang and other Singaporean/Parco designers). Last week, I was listing out all the designers I would go through molehills and mountains of troubles to see: Proenza Schouler, Roberto Cavalli, Prabal Gurung, Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, etc etc, and trust me, Mugler was in that list. Have you seen that fall collection excuse me? And Nicola Formichetti is quite a charismatic and funny creative director, if you've watched his Skype with P'trique (#chictothenextlev!) I will hunt down those tickets watch out everyone, my Simone Rocha-replica clad shoes will be scrambling everywhere for those stubs of paper. I'm applying for volunteer work at AFF/Blueprint too, though I wonder if I'll actually be selected. 

On another note, I've received some very good feedback for Nippon!! x4, which makes me sort of happy, but now I have a standard/bar to meet. Hrn. What a double-edged sword. Supposedly, about 10 scans are supposed to crawl their way into my email and send themselves to Melissa - who is my collab artist for 7 Deadly Sins Remake 2012. It would be a good idea to get to that now.

035 - Nippon!! x4

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My eyes hurt from staring at Photoshop too long. View on dA here.

034 - NYX Nude

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I cracked and bought a NYX shadow and lip compact palette today. Browns, golds and some pinks, as I will continue to vehemently stay away from colors. Nippon!! x4 must and will be, by mon oath glorious, be posted tonight. After my body and its two glassy eyeballs take a brief repose from a night with 3-hour sleep. On a side note, my heart (and mind) has been waging an internal battle ruminating if a good hundred minus ten dollars should be spent on a replica pair of Simone Rocha Spring 2012 brogues with perspex heel in off white aka beige. Although I am being quite convinced by ELLE UK naming Simone Rocha as one of the designers to look out for. Yes, look out for her on my feet. Show stopper and major mind-f piece. Sublime. 

033 - Get your paints out

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Decided to paint a little something today, prompted by my junior. Full scan on dA here, although the colors got ruined. Maybe I should've played with more colors... More details and WIP pictures under ze cut.

032 - Obligatory Post

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a) I need to post the current 2 "Nippon!! x4" designs

Do visit my deviantart to +fav it if you have an account! Comments/critiques are appreciated too.

b) I changed my layout
Unless you belong to the order of the Chiroptera (that is, I'm calling you a bat), you'll see my new layout. I thought maybe this typical one would be better than the dynamic view.

Time and time again I have talked about that Givenchy glitter frock and Sun Fei Fei. I shall further solidify my observation with the following picture:

Vogue China (this, and cheap shoes, are one of the few reasons in my "Live in China" list) February 2012 editorial, Sun Fei Fei by Hedi Slimane.

And let me add, I found a little treasure trove of all things Sun Fei Fei on tumblr today, do visit if you share the same pah-sion for this amazing girl.

So obligatory, I had to make this my banner.

031 - A.L.L.

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Welcome to my current Accessories Lust List. Ok, perhaps this isn't a lust-list, but rather a compilation of the runway accessories I liked better for 2012 - both Spring and Fall.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012
Major mindblow with those sandals "Are my feet glued to the base or is there just some invisible force holding me down" - Mess with people's minds (just as much as the Simone Rochas from Spring 2012 - DYING TO GET THOSE). The bag on the right: double protection against robbers.

3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2012-2013
I don't give this brand nearly enough credit - always a polished, clean look, just the way I like it. A clutch within a clutch, well excuse me. 

Alexander Wang Spring 2012
I mean, look at that golf cross-body bag. Do you need it in your life despite the overwhelming impracticalities that come attached along its price tag - eg never getting anything from the bottom out? Yes. And don't you know? Motorcycle helmets are the new in thing. 

Balenciaga Spring 2012
I have covered that sun-shade, and I shall cover it again. Along with some va-va-voom shoes (not as much as Pu-rah-da though.)

Celine Spring 2012
Ankle straps, ankle straps.

Givenchy Spring 2012
Hook, line and sinker. Shark tooth for your neck and your shoes.
And an extra Sun Fei Fei and her wonderful glittery frock.

fairy dust.

030 - L'échec

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I overslept. And I didn't manage to troop my ass down to Topshop @ Knightsbridge early enough to get the Gareth Pugh for NEWGEN shirt. L'échec!! But it's ok, it was going to be $70. For a T-shirt. Same with Marni at H&M, my pragmatism cannot be broken.

I did take a picture of the extra tag card that came with the Jonathan Saunders pullover though!

8) My T-Shirt Design was inspired by Transformers

Aha! It's either
a) I'm a genius to see that
b) Saunders is very good at relating the message
I'm going to ignore the fact that the chances of the latter are probably much bigger and just indulge in a little self praise. I thought about something today when I saw this girl wearing Doc Martens and Cheap Monday jeans.

Brands should stop calling themselves "Cheap" when they are obviously not. Case in point: Moschino Cheap and Chic, Cheap Monday. Then again, cheapness is relative and all them higher beings in thou fashion universe obviously have a warped sense of money. Short post, I am trooping out into the hall to watch Planet of the Apes and finally finish drawing Nippon!!! x4 by tonight.

Although a little extra - my fake Alexander Wang-inspired cat-eye sunglasses, and the Jonathan Saunders pullover I tried! (I refused to pay $90 for it. Cost/wear, cost/wear.)

029 - Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

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odg. I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed. I'm not sure what I think.

Jean Paul Gaultier + Little Marionette Bimbo dolls + ..... undressing and redressing them + Them not pressing charges.

I'm not sure how many levels of wrong this is transcending.
Props to JPG for being such a sport though HAHA

Episode 1 (Oh yes, there's more than one.)

Episode 2


028 - Magazines and the like

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Recently (rather so, the past few days) I've been quite excited about fashion magazines and the like - basically because they're beginning to pump out those special editions with full runway coverage (albeit of Spring) and sometimes, flipping through printed pages, as much as it pinches the environment, is so much more inspirational and beautiful than going through it digitally.

Other exciting news, Audi Fashion Festival has no age limits this year! I am going to go! Somehow! Hopes are that they bring in at least one of my favorite shows these season: Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa, Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler, Mugler, Mary Katrantzou, Roberto Cavalli <- this'd be really worth it the pieces are jaw dropping

Back to the point, it started when my monthly Female magazine came (don't ask me - my mother gets it for free not sure why) with Spring coverage!

I like to look out for Sun Fei Fei
and I'm so glad she wore that disco-esque sequined Givenchy frock because she's appearing in multiple magazines just for it. Onward, glittery frocks!

A section of the what was in then and what is in now. 
There was a section about how Alexander Wang's M.O.D. (model off duty) style was going out and Proenza was getting in, but hey, as much as I love Proenza, Alexander Wang's MOD is still very very very very very very much treasured, thank you very much.

Mainly twitpic-ed this for my friend since she's obsessed with Birkins (and I'm devastated at their ridiculous price tags - you could buy a car with some of those), but check out the Cartier Panther. If you haven't seen their advertisement/video, "L'Odyssée de Cartier", do watch it. It's quite a cinematic (albeit long and drawn out) experience that culminates in.. uhm, the bracelet.

I also bought L'officiel (more glitzering Sun Fei Fei in that one) partly because I was tempted by that Little Red Notebook (ahoy, communists!). 

And today we received ICON in the mail, it's a bit useless really, and it's in Chinese, rendering it even more useless to me. But I like the advertisements and sometimes the editorials. I recycle the rest. 

But today it came with a little extra Hermes (too lazy to put the accent) catalogue for Spring, what a sweet surprise. It's Hermes. Of course it's all beautiful, clean, mature and polished. Particularly loved this page with the white jacket and the ankle-strap heels <- I really need one of those they seem to be everywhere (but my feet are a bit ugly to pull them off well ..)

Nonetheless, it also came with a expensive looking invitation card that asked if I wanted to receive "The World of Hermes" magazines.

Yes please.

027 - Topshop NewGen 10 Tees

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Actually, I managed to draw up a 24-piece collection on an Oriental/Japanese-themed influence. It's quite intriguing really, I like it (definitely more than Je veux aller a l'ecole - the colors were horrid I'm so sorry, but my excuse will be that "I needed to push some boundaries").

Alas, it has also come to my attention that I have a plethora of things to do (grâce à the laziness that runs through my veins together with wallet draining shopping trips that converge into a deadly combination of backlog) by tomorrow. Namely pish, posh, and pash (in human terms - I don't care, why do I have to this day, I hate this)

But I'm not cruel, so here are a few teasers, if that makes me any less cruel.

Ooh, faces! That's new #chictothenextlev!!

I'm ignoring posting about the meh Elie Saab show, the (literally) exploding Alexander McQueen show (although I will have to touch on that someday), an improvement award for Kanye West, and Sha-nel-ru (That's Chanel for you phonetic failures), Valentino and the likes.

Rather I shall pay attention to more money-grabbing investments (despite my earlier lament about the state of my wallet). No, not Marni for H&M which releases today - heaven forbid my practicality bend any further and break to allow me to spend 50 glorious bucks on a ring of plastic for my wrist. 

I am however much more interested in Topshop's NEWGEN T-shirt collection - with the likes of Gareth Pugh, yip yip, and Jonathan Saunders contributing. These were of course past contributors - Mary Katrantzou, who needs to be celebrated, International Women's Day, remember? (the irony that we need a day for ourselves. We should all get big fat packets of money for shopping) is the current NEWGEN contributor. 

Gareth Pugh's fractal mind-f graphic shirt
Yes please.

Peter Pilotto's eye scrambling Numerals number
still having problems figuring out what number that actually is

C. Kane's basic shirt with mirror appliques. 
Lift up the bottom half if you fancy a quick touch-up every now and then.
Abs to show-off won't hurt either.

3D meets tacky by Marios Schwab 
I would love this if they didn't have that seatbelt.

1990s transformers sweat By Jonathan Saunders
I really need this. Although the colors and print do remind me of Transformers animation in those early times with poor resolution and clashing colors.
Celebrate the past, celebrate the past....

I don't know if Richard Nicoll is just lazy or arrogant or plain genius.
I reckon this took him under 5 minutes to get done.

Worst part is, I might actually buy this.

Trooping down to Topshop this weekend!