024 - Plenty of things from School

I'm being inspired by school. That's new -- considering how much I hate thinking.

I'm serious I love lectures cause you just sit there and be enlightened you don't even need to think the only thing you move is your hand that's copying everything down.

Anyway, I was first inspired by... a piece of used tissue lol. It was all crumpled and torn but it had a really interesting feel and look, and then I continued on with rulers and math geometric figures. And the alternating box patterns are from this game I play with my friends on a canvas of 6x6 dots where we try to form squares.

Just a quick plate to put out some themes and ideas and elements first - I'll see how this turns out, I don't want it to be too literal.

And here's more fun sketches from my foolscap book/binding 8D

This was from the Euterpe era~!

And walah! This is for my new (still temporarily called) deadmau5 fall collection. I need to come up with a name for that soon. But this collection will definitely be very dark (glamour lol --- gucci!)

Speaking of Gucci and the likes, lots of good shows recently but I've been a bit busy to update. I do post all my favorite pictures and collectible ones on my Pinterest here though! Do follow 8D

Love the feathers

But the ending pieces HAD to be my favorite - all these sheer fabrics combined with that amazing embroidery and detail: the whole series of them!

Quick faves from Christian Dior - so sweet in pink

Love the skirt!

Urgh that clutch looks so so so huggable

Chalayan's piece that I like more than I should
like seriously when and who will ever wear this, BUT I LOVE IT

I will always love Balmain for their outers

And this whole range of printed graphic pullovers will be iconic i swear

Crazy detail on Balenciaga
but I felt it got a bit overused by the end of the show - nonetheless, crazy effort and intricate work

Hair on Ann Demeulemeester is crazy
Took too much attention away from the already hard-to-notice clothes
A bit disappointed to be honest

Show-stopped Manish Arora wonder pieces

Gareth Pugh pugh pugh pugh
An alien-cavewoman style. Hm.
Love the fabric warpped legs though.

Honestly, I am still undecided wrt my stand ON THESE GORILLA ARMS THAT ARE EVERYWHERE.

Mugler. Mugler.
Fantastic. Amazing. I don't even. Probably going to make it to my top 3/5 avant garde-ish shows this season (Since Gareth Pugh didn't impress me that much)

I don't even know what this is but I love it

Dries Van Noten is and will always be my Dries Van Noten
nuff said.

I love that bracelet - I know it's probably just plain acrylic or something, but I know I'll be hunting for something like this. Plain and minimalist 

And a nice extra from Commuun


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