025 - Je veux aller à l'école

I'm probably going to regret not constantly keeping up with the Fall 2012 fashion shows cause I'll have crazy backlog soon, but recently I came across this comment (later reinforced by a friend), that my designs weren't as appealing as before. Especially the resort one, and if I do look back on it, I sort of agree.

My designs used to be fairly mainstream, stuff that I'd want to wear and people'd want to wear, and that is my design theory, and I have to admit I lost that theory when I was doing the Thalassa collection. Maybe because I was looking at too many runway shows (which are meant to be more for publicity than actual wearing) or not taking it seriously (yes ok it was just a doodled up collection), but I decided maybe it's time to slowly reach back into something more wearable.

But the problem I have to reconcile is that my designs usually change with my style, and that has changed into something much less mainstream and unique. So I need to design something somewhat normal and wearable, but it must have the unique and interesting kick that goes - "hey that looks nice, it's different, maybe I might look good in it" sort of thing.

So "Je veux aller à l'école" (the collection inspired by school), is one of the unknown number of projects I'm embarking on to somehow reconcile these two principles and find a style I'm comfortable with. It might be different, it might be the same, I can't really know till people comment!

Anyway, here's a sneak peak (aka my sketches --- I would've gotten it done by tonight but I had a project to do, alas, tomorrow night it is):

If you can make sense of my sketches.

And here's a little extra - because this collection didn't per say have much that a walking croquis would need to show, and I've been feeling that the uneven walking croquis (eg one leg behind and stuff) was pretty hard to appropriately show my designs on, I drew up a new one. And believe me, I'm not all that perfect to just wack a line here and then and get a perfectly balanced model. Narp.

It starts with an absolutely off-tangent, unequal and incomplete sketch:

And after some tweaking and twacking on Photoshop, I get pure perfection:

Yumz. (please do not use without permission!)

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