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(Je veux aller à l'école final collection at the bottom ;3)

I love street style. I mean, who doesn't love street style -- except you don't see much of it (and therefore no street style bloggers/photographers in Singapore). Quite true, it's too hot to do much layering, although I just suffer the heat sometimes like when I end up wearing a black long sleeve shirt buttoned up, a gold collar necklace, a black cape/vest, black shorts (thank god for shorts. I don't really wear anything else except skirts) and black 4.5 inch wedges and totter around town. Taxi please. 

So I really enjoy Tommy Ton/other fashion street style photographers (Jak&Jil!), especially during Fashion Week everything is just all sorts of crazy. And I used to be really straight-up about people's fashion styles like - hey that pink and that thing totally clash - or - that looks sort of cheap - but after streetstyle you begin to just understand it's personal style and sometimes the most mismatched of things have a certain charm.

Here are a few of my recent picks from Tommy Ton:

Hell I know every piece from the Dries Van Noten Spring 2012 collection because it is literally to die for. (still need that clutch)

Androgynous hair for the win

I went shopping yesterday. And try as I might to vehemently declare that I will stop buying black clothes, my  basket was all black and white (and a hint of dark blue suede). Don't blame me - I tried on a green shirt, and trust me, everyone agrees that colors aren't my color. 

Balenciaga's sun-hat/shade thing be taking the street by storm (the headpiece for my Sloth in 7 Deadly Sins does work somewhat like this too!). Sort of reminds me of Darth Vadar...

I think I might be the only one seeing the resemblance. 

Recently I went shopping with my friend and I was picking up denim stuff and she was like "No it looks so cheap/two years ago fashion" or something along those lines. NARP DENIM BE ALWAYS IN. Somewhat. Main focal here is that lovely jacket though.

You wouldn't be so excited to wear that if you were in Singapore taking a public bus that goes by any one of the army camps. Hm. Enlistees, right this way.

And then there is always the no fail picture of Michelle Harper. Pushing the boundaries as usual.

Or the famous successor to the Celine Luggage, the Celine Trapeze.
Phoebe Philo forever creating carry-all bags.

Embellishments maximus.

Balenciaga is more than just a hat - welcome the statement shoes of Spring.
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