027 - Topshop NewGen 10 Tees

Actually, I managed to draw up a 24-piece collection on an Oriental/Japanese-themed influence. It's quite intriguing really, I like it (definitely more than Je veux aller a l'ecole - the colors were horrid I'm so sorry, but my excuse will be that "I needed to push some boundaries").

Alas, it has also come to my attention that I have a plethora of things to do (grâce à the laziness that runs through my veins together with wallet draining shopping trips that converge into a deadly combination of backlog) by tomorrow. Namely pish, posh, and pash (in human terms - I don't care, why do I have to this day, I hate this)

But I'm not cruel, so here are a few teasers, if that makes me any less cruel.

Ooh, faces! That's new #chictothenextlev!!

I'm ignoring posting about the meh Elie Saab show, the (literally) exploding Alexander McQueen show (although I will have to touch on that someday), an improvement award for Kanye West, and Sha-nel-ru (That's Chanel for you phonetic failures), Valentino and the likes.

Rather I shall pay attention to more money-grabbing investments (despite my earlier lament about the state of my wallet). No, not Marni for H&M which releases today - heaven forbid my practicality bend any further and break to allow me to spend 50 glorious bucks on a ring of plastic for my wrist. 

I am however much more interested in Topshop's NEWGEN T-shirt collection - with the likes of Gareth Pugh, yip yip, and Jonathan Saunders contributing. These were of course past contributors - Mary Katrantzou, who needs to be celebrated, International Women's Day, remember? (the irony that we need a day for ourselves. We should all get big fat packets of money for shopping) is the current NEWGEN contributor. 

Gareth Pugh's fractal mind-f graphic shirt
Yes please.

Peter Pilotto's eye scrambling Numerals number
still having problems figuring out what number that actually is

C. Kane's basic shirt with mirror appliques. 
Lift up the bottom half if you fancy a quick touch-up every now and then.
Abs to show-off won't hurt either.

3D meets tacky by Marios Schwab 
I would love this if they didn't have that seatbelt.

1990s transformers sweat By Jonathan Saunders
I really need this. Although the colors and print do remind me of Transformers animation in those early times with poor resolution and clashing colors.
Celebrate the past, celebrate the past....

I don't know if Richard Nicoll is just lazy or arrogant or plain genius.
I reckon this took him under 5 minutes to get done.

Worst part is, I might actually buy this.

Trooping down to Topshop this weekend!

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