028 - Magazines and the like

Recently (rather so, the past few days) I've been quite excited about fashion magazines and the like - basically because they're beginning to pump out those special editions with full runway coverage (albeit of Spring) and sometimes, flipping through printed pages, as much as it pinches the environment, is so much more inspirational and beautiful than going through it digitally.

Other exciting news, Audi Fashion Festival has no age limits this year! I am going to go! Somehow! Hopes are that they bring in at least one of my favorite shows these season: Dries Van Noten, Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa, Prabal Gurung, Proenza Schouler, Mugler, Mary Katrantzou, Roberto Cavalli <- this'd be really worth it the pieces are jaw dropping

Back to the point, it started when my monthly Female magazine came (don't ask me - my mother gets it for free not sure why) with Spring coverage!

I like to look out for Sun Fei Fei
and I'm so glad she wore that disco-esque sequined Givenchy frock because she's appearing in multiple magazines just for it. Onward, glittery frocks!

A section of the what was in then and what is in now. 
There was a section about how Alexander Wang's M.O.D. (model off duty) style was going out and Proenza was getting in, but hey, as much as I love Proenza, Alexander Wang's MOD is still very very very very very very much treasured, thank you very much.

Mainly twitpic-ed this for my friend since she's obsessed with Birkins (and I'm devastated at their ridiculous price tags - you could buy a car with some of those), but check out the Cartier Panther. If you haven't seen their advertisement/video, "L'Odyssée de Cartier", do watch it. It's quite a cinematic (albeit long and drawn out) experience that culminates in.. uhm, the bracelet.

I also bought L'officiel (more glitzering Sun Fei Fei in that one) partly because I was tempted by that Little Red Notebook (ahoy, communists!). 

And today we received ICON in the mail, it's a bit useless really, and it's in Chinese, rendering it even more useless to me. But I like the advertisements and sometimes the editorials. I recycle the rest. 

But today it came with a little extra Hermes (too lazy to put the accent) catalogue for Spring, what a sweet surprise. It's Hermes. Of course it's all beautiful, clean, mature and polished. Particularly loved this page with the white jacket and the ankle-strap heels <- I really need one of those they seem to be everywhere (but my feet are a bit ugly to pull them off well ..)

Nonetheless, it also came with a expensive looking invitation card that asked if I wanted to receive "The World of Hermes" magazines.

Yes please.

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