030 - L'échec

I overslept. And I didn't manage to troop my ass down to Topshop @ Knightsbridge early enough to get the Gareth Pugh for NEWGEN shirt. L'échec!! But it's ok, it was going to be $70. For a T-shirt. Same with Marni at H&M, my pragmatism cannot be broken.

I did take a picture of the extra tag card that came with the Jonathan Saunders pullover though!

8) My T-Shirt Design was inspired by Transformers

Aha! It's either
a) I'm a genius to see that
b) Saunders is very good at relating the message
I'm going to ignore the fact that the chances of the latter are probably much bigger and just indulge in a little self praise. I thought about something today when I saw this girl wearing Doc Martens and Cheap Monday jeans.

Brands should stop calling themselves "Cheap" when they are obviously not. Case in point: Moschino Cheap and Chic, Cheap Monday. Then again, cheapness is relative and all them higher beings in thou fashion universe obviously have a warped sense of money. Short post, I am trooping out into the hall to watch Planet of the Apes and finally finish drawing Nippon!!! x4 by tonight.

Although a little extra - my fake Alexander Wang-inspired cat-eye sunglasses, and the Jonathan Saunders pullover I tried! (I refused to pay $90 for it. Cost/wear, cost/wear.)

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