032 - Obligatory Post


a) I need to post the current 2 "Nippon!! x4" designs

Do visit my deviantart to +fav it if you have an account! Comments/critiques are appreciated too.

b) I changed my layout
Unless you belong to the order of the Chiroptera (that is, I'm calling you a bat), you'll see my new layout. I thought maybe this typical one would be better than the dynamic view.

Time and time again I have talked about that Givenchy glitter frock and Sun Fei Fei. I shall further solidify my observation with the following picture:

Vogue China (this, and cheap shoes, are one of the few reasons in my "Live in China" list) February 2012 editorial, Sun Fei Fei by Hedi Slimane.

And let me add, I found a little treasure trove of all things Sun Fei Fei on tumblr today, do visit if you share the same pah-sion for this amazing girl.

So obligatory, I had to make this my banner.

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