033 - Get your paints out

Decided to paint a little something today, prompted by my junior. Full scan on dA here, although the colors got ruined. Maybe I should've played with more colors... More details and WIP pictures under ze cut.

I think my junior actually wanted me to do a wedding dress, but I'd miss out on too much of the reds/pinks/browns in the original photo (of a plant) she showed me, so.

And I have to add, this is one of those "it looked much better in my head" moments.

Preliminiary sketching with pencil, then I used a brown color pencil (everytime I open that box of color pencils there's always some bug inside I swear) for somewhat more definite lines.

Versus original planned sketches (which imo looks much better.)

I paint with dried Sakura poster colors. I got them about 3 years back (compulsory for school), and they just dried up, so now I use them like watercolors. Look at the myriad of tones I got in my bottle of white 8D Comes in handy sometimes.

Process. Ooh, the roses look not bad here.

Side note, I'm bypassing individually posting Nippon!! x4 Parts 3 and 4, and going straight to the completed collection, hopefully by tomorrow.

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