037 - Vintage Burberrys

Meet Vintage Burberry a la god-knows-how-many-years ago. Mother actually gifted this to me some time back, maybe last year, but it's unbearably small and I've not particularly been subscribing to vintage fashion and dressing (Alexander Wang's M.O.D. please and thank you), so it's just been sitting in a Salvatore Ferragamo drawstring bag (again, no idea).

It's really still in tip-top condition. I guess that's what you get when you pay ridiculous prices and get all your money tied up in leather bags that won't increase in value (jewelry should hence be greater appreciated). 
Only bad this is.. it's a dust storm in there. Did I mention I'm allergic to dust? (Yes, my nose gets all clogged up and nonsense surrounding that)

But the post is "Vintage Burberrys" plural with everybody's favorite letter 's'. I came home from Japanese class (and viewing my fully furnished room in my new house - it's all white, I'm serious. With a bit of wood.), and I saw a pile, ok not really, just a brown British India skirt that looks like you're wearing a towel and is only suited for the beach, and a Burberry print piece of cloth.

And I'm like, is that real. Whatever it may be, it turned out to be CULOTTES hahahahaha oh my it's a bit loose on me but I'll make it werk somehow. According to ze mother, it was her very first piece of Burberry (she used to be such a fan, then she jumped to Gucci, and now she's at LV) 

Crumpled from years of being stuck in a cupboard, but really I guess quality wins out it still looks and feels pretty darn good. Now, just when to wear it. Vintage is such a foreign territory.

Size 10, and some people are size 0s. Hrn, our family has never been very slim or petite. On another universe, I was thinking about jumping into the pajama trend. Looks terribly comfortable and it would be so much better than peplums. (I'm still having problems pronouncing it. Is it pep-lum, or pe-plum. Technicalities) My own take on it will probably be some British-India-screaming linen drawstring pants. Forgive me for I am new to this mode of clothing call "pants". Shorts it has always been. Speaking of which, Zara, where are my shorts, I've been waiting for them. 

And a little extra: I've cut my hair. This is annoying. It's too short. Long hair is an accessory. Let me repeat, long hair is an accessory. other than the fact you can do about a million hairstyles with them (which I don't), it gives you something nice to play with. It's short now, and it makes me look.. girlier. Hrn.

On a good note, I love to go to the salon. Plus now my usual cut has changed into some cut + hair and scalp treatment thing. And you know what that means? Double the headrub when they wash your hair. Got to love those things.

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