039 - Advent of the sunglasses

Stumbled upon this photo taken by my friend.

Advent of the sunglasses. Cat-eye, "Ray-bans inspired", the list goes on. Of course here I am photographed being an imbecile and an abomination to the beings called human by attempting to be a 10-eyes. Attractive.

I also took my "A. wang inspired" cat-eye sunglasses out for a spin at Chinese Gardens with said friend again the other day. This is one of those rare off-days when you roll out a bed a fashion barbarity while wishing "I hope it rains so I don't have to get out". Editor's Market white shirt: let me add that it is amazingly comfortable - like those blanket sheets you've washed a million times that are just so amazing to slip into after a day dealing with the incompetent world. FBTs, you can officially arrest me now. And River Island espadrilles, although the state of them are less than pristine.

On a good note, I think I've finished my projects, so maybe that 6-piece capsule collection by this weekend isn't such an unfathomable goal anymore. 

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