040 - f(cut)

I'm not too sure what mixture of words I should use to attach some form of identity to this collection, but right now perhaps it might be knighted "cut" (disregard the f(cut), my brain hasn't been f(x)-ing). If you have no idea where this spawned from, read here. This is technically supposed to be a mixture of jersey or any more comfortable, structure-less form of material on the lower part of the back, and the rest is made out of something opposite to that, so the incisions (aha, cut) on the front can hold. 

Downloaded a trial of Illustrator which has also thoroughly convinced me that I'm going to be needed this piece of junk for more than 30 days, say perhaps, my whole life instead. I was planning on only doing this collection on illustrator, but all these beautiful, clean cut lines and curves are charming the non-existent socks of mon feet. 

Hopefully majority of the people reading this post have been directed here by my deviantart, (ho hee ho huu, thou shalt become religious followers of this blog), and I refuse to post anymore of these parts on the aforementioned website until it's all done.

Cheap dirty tricks.

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