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I'd imagine you've been thinking that I might have rolled off the face off the earth (hear ye, all believers of the-earth-is-flat), but no, I've just been balancing extremes of leisure, like staying up till 4am reading manga, and work, like doing phyics at 3 in the morning.

Which also means, (cut) is nowhere near complete. But today, I want to share the sheer mystique that is Hussein Chalayan and his designs. Norwithstanding his more docile creations, there are really some collections that just make you go, "What exactly is he trying to convey?" It's abstract, but it's a spell-binding style that keeps you on the edge for his future masterpieces.

Perhaps the best place to start would be the groundbreaking Fall 2000 collection. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen this being featured in books, but that stands as a testimony to it's legacy.

Models came out, ripped those terribly plebian looking arm-chair covers, and wore them; chairs turned into suitcases. If you can double the function of a seemingly useless piece of cloth, that speaks volumes to me of his ingenuity and technical knowledge.

Tables into skirts, how much more magical does that get. Cinderella, you can do without your fairy godmother. 

And nearly a decade later, perhaps there isn't anything as magical as the 2000 fall show, but Chalayan's creations are still very much stunning, and perhaps, perplexing.

Fall 2003
Meet the inflatables. 

Fall 2005
Drowning in it.

Spring 2007
Raise your hands up for a skirt that makes flashing a one-step process.

Fall 2007
Aliens alive, and more expanding skirts. 

And perhaps, in recent years Chalayan has probably swerved a bit off the avant-garde path and we lack such in-your-face, blase designs, obviously meant to mess with your head. And if avant garde hasn't been your type, it is also worth acknowledging that Chalayn does this ready-to-wear with talented hands and a creative mind, definitely putting himself on my top designers list.

Perhaps a non-avant-garde Chalayan post is to be in session.

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