042 - Sandals

Meet the CÉLINE sandal in off-white smooth calfskin. A shoe that needs to be in your closet. Rather, sandals need to get into my closet. Although with my broad and less-than-perfect feet, finding a good pair will be difficult.

Conclusion: Sandals are for pretty feet.

Or perhaps, something more covered that may help the ugly-feet syndrome like this pair of Camille Skovgaard sandals. Or something more rebellious like Alexander Wang's chloe perch-trimmed leather sandals, which my eyes are finding hard to leave. Or we could always go flat with 3.1 Phillip Lim's Domina sandals, which I have previously expressed my deep longing and admiration for.

On a side note, shopping on e-tailers made me stumble across this Vanderbilt Bib Necklace which epitomizes cost/wear. €630 for a statement necklace, and we all know those come with a very preemptive expiry date.

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