043 - Presents for myself

I bought this matte black metal bracelet about 2 weeks back, and I absolutely love it. I'm pretty obsessed with spikes and studs right now, my friend says I'm turning into a punk, but I'd think otherwise. I have my eyes on a hairband with metal spikes. Come to me! ☆▽☆

This is from Lacquär (that a and it's two eyeballs wasted 3 minutes of my life on Google and Wikipedia), my ultimate go-to shop in Far East Plaza. Love the stuff there, and though I've yet to buy any clothes or shoes, oh the woes of a jobless student, this bracelet was my first buy. Satisfied. $13 might have me rejecting for certain shops, but I'm just willing to spend when I'm at Lacquar, screw the a.

And today, since my somewhat long abstinence from physical, real-life shopping, I finally bought myself a leather (doubts) cuff with studs. Pish posh, punk. Feels pretty sturdy though, and a good $13 spent. Can't wait to wear it.

Back to shopping on ASOS.

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