061 - White Gold

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Happiness arrived, a lot earlier than I expected, in the mail last Friday. Cannot. Wait. 

2 days later on a fine Sunday morning post-out-of-bed-rolling I finally make use of the perspex clutch I got from ASOS the other time.

I need to go shopping - I'm running out of outfit ideas. A mix-mash of a paltry attempt as "pajama fashion" with an all-white ill-fitting ensemble and the itching need to match my new H&M silver sandals. Ill-fitting outfit matched with ill-taken handphone picture outside one of the gifts to mankind, Provence.

Editor's metal-tipped shirt, Giordano shorts from the era of when I was 12,
ASOS perspex clutch, H&M silver sandals

On the topic of white-gold (aka silver, if the dots haven't managed to connect themselves in your head), Simone Rocha's fall 2012 collection definitely left a deep impression on me, flashes of those bold silver, edgy and undeniably chic looks making my fingers itch to draw something so similar. 

Lack of color aid, but the panels with diagonal sketch lines are meant to be silver. The obvious tilt of my drawing is obvious. This started in Chemistry class, though I reckon it'll never be finished. Darn my short attention span.

Simone Rocha Fall 2012 Collection (pictures from Vogue.it)

An online shopping trip is in order.

060 - New Shoes


Finally gotten around to getting the new shoes I have been declaring I require for some time. Although it's not what I'm looking for, I'm willing to settle for less and temporary gratification. Silver H&M sandals - I hope I don't regret the buy I'll have to figure out what to pair it with. Probably blacks and whites (oh, what's new?)

Speaking of which, I also finally got around to attempting to werk that vintage Burberry hand-me-down culottes from ma mere today although I shall label this failure #1. Lacking something, and I need to figure out what. But in the meantime, here's a picture of my failure - together with sad attempts to increase my height.

Editor's basic black tee, Cultlabel A.Wang inspired Sunglasses, Lacquar's rad punk arm parties, Vintage Burberry culottes, Clarks suede desert boots

We were at Cineleisure in front of local label Depression, and when my other friend said she needed to go to the toilet to change, I was like, 

"Sure, I want to go into Depression anyway." 

Which got interpreted without the capital D or that I was some amazing pun-maker. Nonetheless, above pictured friend Thalia decided to post on my wall:

"how are you doing walking into depression again haha"

Berry funny. 

059 - Indian Summers

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I derive this post title from my French textbook that had a Quebec "L'ete Indien" title today. Turn the picture of the beautiful mountains and lake 90 degress CW (photoshop speak), and you get walah dress.

Though I reckon the construction is going to be hard if this turned into real life, it's an interesting inspiration to entertain. Will shove this sketch into my "resources" folder for further expansion and work later on!


058 - 10 Monsters

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I'm not too sure if I'm fond of this Mulberry Monster. (spurred by Vogue's tweet/tumblr here
[photo credits here]

On another hand, read as attached below for what was Sunday's post that never really surfaced onto the white page of this blog:

In what is seemingly become a Sunday morning routine of browsing net-a-porter, they tell me that I need 10 essentials in my closet. So here are my picks: For the shirt we have Equipment's embellished shirt - because, let's be honest if I needed a plain shirt I wouldn't need to pay >$300 to get a decent one. For the knits we have some volume and shape fun with The Row's cashmere cocoon cardigan (alliteration x trois).
Now, for all purposes I am skipping past Essential #3 jeans because I'm still boycotting them. Now, something I admit it's high time I invest it - a good leather jacket. Theory's leather biker jacket please and thank you. Now, a classic bag and PS1 is an obvious choice. Done deal. For the shoes, Gucci's leather platform ankle boots!
Let us also take this time to notice that majority of the pieces I have picked out are black - and what that says about my fashion choices. Blazers - I admit I have plenty of those already, but I could do with this Stella McCartney one since the ones I have are shorter and less slim cut than I'd like. What is a trench if you do not get it from the reigning dictator of trenches Burberry? A jersey top by T by Alexander Wang because you can't really tell the difference after looking at >60 jersey tops, and Alexander Wang is appealing enough.
And underpinnings. Just for laugh, seamless socks.

And coincidentally, tomorrow is "dressup as a mystery book character day" and my class picked "And Then There Were None" - it's too hard to dress up as a character, and considering aforementioned disposition towards black, it's easy enough for me to rock a punk party on mon's appendages and dress in all black and write it off as "I'm the theme - death". 

Added bonus would be wearing a sheer full-length button up dress from Editor's (only the top two button for flowing matrix effect), black leatherette shorts and a black tee shirt and I can level up to be "death lord" and everyone else shall be my minions. I'm looking forward to it.

057 - Of Bings, Bongs and Bangs

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Yesterday, AFF tweeted "Ticketing information to Audi Fashion Festival 2012 shows will be released in a few minutes!", resulting in me staring at my phone throughout the entire duration of my dinner.

Of course, "a few minutes" in AFF time translates to "close to an hour" in real life. Nonetheless, I grabbed my tickets (whether this seating will turn out to be good or bad is yet to be seen) for Mugler's opening show with Nicola Formichetti (maximum scream) and PARCO next NEXT!'s show which I will be attending with my mum on Saturday - the latter saying she just likes to see people walk down a runway.

(Buy your tickets @ gatecrash.com.sg - Parco is $20, Mugler is $120, but 10% off for Mastercard holders!)

On another note, I was running through my Pinterest (link at the side) last night and I thought I'd share some of the more amazing pieces I stumbled across during the Fall 2012 shows!

(left) Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall 2012 - most amazing winter-thick-parka show with amazing snowy mountain prints which I wish were transferred onto something more wearable in this ridiculously humid country
(right) Jean-Charles De Castalbajac (what a mouthful) Fall 2012 - Crazy bird prints on an sports-style jacket yum

(left) WOW-moment with Valentino's sequined pattern dress (the only thought going through my head be "oh my god") 
(right) Oriental + Dropped shoulders at A Detacher

Minimalist and straight to the point with Hakaan and Paco Rabanne Fall 2012

Audi Fashion Festival is going to be all sorts of glorious fun.

056 - Godsend of prints

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Photo taken from Jak&Jil

It must be acknowledged how beautiful a godsend of a print the Dries Van Noten SS2012 tropical forest print is. Eternal lust and eternal denial. 

055 - Punk party

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I have been collecting bracelets the trinkets for my appendages in hopes of creating ridiculously fun arm parties. Though with my 3rd buy (above) from lacquar, perhaps it's going a bit too punk. Nonetheless, a reward to myself for the past stressful week of 3 project deadlines and 2 exams. More to come.

The black spikes and black leather with studs are from my previous two buys - tremendously gratifying. Wrestling with the incessant need to buy a silver version of the spike and chain one.

Hm, there is still ways to go in my art of arm party organisational skills.

054 - 7 Deadly Sins 2012 Teaser

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Allena (finally haha, but it was so worth the wait!) showed me her drafts/rough sketches for my 7 Deadly Sins Haute Couture Remake 2012 collection - I'm attempting to go for illustrations with faces and shading and everything in this time for a more holistic and stunning effect, and I've employed her wonderful help! She's really been a blessing and I hope she doesn't get irritated at me for constantly tweeting her "How's it going" every week haha! 

It's been about 2 months since I embarked on this project, I covered it in in my 4th post (wow we're at 50 now), and I did a silhouette teaser on deviantArt. Can't wait for everything to be done! I drew up so many reference sheets - though it seems I'm still not clear enough haha more improvement needed - and compiled tons of reference pictures for textures and stuff. Tiring but it was really worth it and I'm really quite proud of a few of these designs (compared to the paltry cannot-be-called-designs I drew this morning).

Hurr, onward!

053 - BLUEPRINT 2012

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This week is finally over, but there's still the next. Nonetheless I find myself scrolling through facebook and stumbling across BLUEPRINT's photos for their emporium during AFF Week.

Emma Ware Jewelry pieces at Nana & Bird

Marie Tunor leather lunch bag at Nana & Bird
I need to get my hands on this! The leather reflects really well - it might actually convince people in distance it's a paper lunch bag. Reminds me of Jil Sander's Men Fall 2012 show too. 

Ostwald Helgason, London-based label

Womenswear label Stolen. 
Absolutely captivated by the structure of their pieces!

Indonesian label NIKICIO who I have been keeping my eye on ;)

If I haven't made my love for wood and wood-looking products clear yet, I shall, by expressing the deep desire I have for that large tote. 

On a side note, AFF tickets are supposedly supposed meant to go on sale today, yet prices and details haven't been released. Hrn. And I brought my Macbook to school for nothing (years of concert-ticking have hone mon skills). Parco next next and Mugler please! And I guess if I'm free I should go for said BLUEPRINT emporium but I'd just be devastated when I leave hands empty.

052 - Celebrate, all ye A. Wang fans

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Taking a quick breather from under my mountain loads of work to bring all ye A. Wang fans (inclusive of myself but exclusive due to obvious lack of funds) joyous news of Alexander Wang's first store in Singapore! Read more here at rockthetrend (to whom pictures are credited)

051 - Revolutionary

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All this talk of zebras has launched me into the next stage of animal revolution - Long necked giraffes and their awkward appendages. Although it does interest me how animal prints aren't being exploited enough - the aforementioned extra terrestrial zebras and now giraffes. Perhaps we should try along the lines of peacock or a myriad of parrot colors. And with this proposal of animal revolution in fashion I also propose the revolutionary comeback of tunics. 

What originated as white-counterpart capsule collection designs to f(cut) got slapped on with deplorable attempts at "gold embroidery detailing" that resembles some form of "royalty" fashion. Perhaps a good look at Dolce & Gabbana's or Balmain's Fall 2012 collection will set you in the direction I was aiming for. 

On a belated note, herworld released the AFF show timings, and I'm experiencing high level stress from figuring if I should be going for Mugler only, or attempting to head for Parco next next as well. 

050 - Extra-terrestrial Zebras

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Sunday morning saw me scouring the pages of Net-a-porter to create a homage to all sorts of zebra-esque, monochromatic life here on earth. Although this zebra was probably born a bit more black than white.

3.1 Phillip Lim will forever be creating the most amazing, minimalistic bags that need to crawl their way into my closet with 31 Hour Two-tone leather tote, which I have been staring at ever since it made it's mark in history down the runway with the unique way in which their model owners held them, and the Pashli textured-leather tote, which reminds me of C√ČLINE's now-passe luggage tote, and it's successor the Trapeze, with the extra zips, but that's just me. Extra points for gold hardware.

Jumping past the 2k silk dresses by born-in-Singapore (forever a sore topic) Prabal Gurung, we jack up the price 3 times for this raw-edged tiered silk chiffon coat in some spell binding extra-terrestial zebra patterns. Not sure how many eels were used, and how many slices of unagi we could eat in the process, but Proenza Schouler's button-front eel a-line skirt will make for some good text-rar. Pajama pants? Maxi skirts? How boring. Here's something you don't see too often - Rag & Bone's leather-trimmed silk-chiffon maxi culottes. Hello best of both worlds (Hannah Montana, anyone?)

Polished leather sandals of every sort with ACNE's fuchsia-glossed leather sandals, and maybe something a bit more fun with Marni's leather and wood sandals. Perhaps the inclusion of some wood would be an acknowledgement to the birthplace of extra terrestrial zebras. Special mention goes to McQ's flame applique leather pumps, but it got a bit too tan, with cream instead of white. Less time in the sun maybe.

And I will be forced to end this post with an argument that while everyone else is flashing those sickly sweet pastels and eye bombing vibrant hues, you can be even more special by exemplifying the extra-terrestrial zebra. Homage!

049 - ASOS Haul

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Considering I've been looking forward to this package for close to two weeks, you think I'd be more attentive when a silver pack inconspicuously made its way onto my dining table. In my defense, I thought it'd come in a box. First time ordering from asos and well.. mixed views. Nonetheless, this morning found me carrying two bowls of cereal and yogurt into my room when I spotted this shiny little thing and proceeded to ignore breakfast and explore its contents.

Plastic. The big brown lighter price piece is a long outer, and I'm wondering if I made the right decision buying it, but I'll find some time to wear it. 

Perspex clutch - finally some color in my wardrobe! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoicer! 

The product I was probably looking most forward to - guitar coil bracelets. A whole pack of them. What is arm party? I foresee arm orgy. 

Foil shirt! It would've been cooler if they had it in some color other than this copper, but I'll have to make do. Although it must be acknowledge I paid around 30SGD for this (averaged this price for all the items) I was quite disappointed that there was no lining. Tried it on for a while and some areas started feeling a bitchy (a bit-itchy = bitchy; my play on words is just getting better)


Ever since this app has made it into the android market (finally.) and my friend alerted me of its /ethereal/ presence, I've been taking a few pictures. My day starts off with

"Zara leather bluchers and poorly concealed socks!"
I must add that this was probably Spring/Summer 2011's collection, and I wanted them so bad but they were ~150SGD, and I refused to buy them. Then I saw them at the end of the year in Rome's Zara (not saw, more like hunted it down at every outlet) and it was about $120, though before or after tax slips my memory. That plus the fact that you're on holiday and that comes with a "just buy since you can't get it in Singapore" mentality, this babies went home with me!

“Oh god my blister arghhhhh I still have to walk around after this. Must bear.”

Who said beauty came cheap? Walking around in these stiff shoes gave me really bad blisters. Probably cause I ignored it and kept walking either way.

“Black white and gold”
Boredom is bound to get you sometimes. A.Wang-inspired cat-eye sunglasses, Prada soft calfskin wallet, white-gold bangle from Far East.

Pray for mon blister.

048 - that of Papers

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It would be in my best interest to forego this post right now and go back to bed to sleep the remainder of my cold off, since the past 3 days of mathematical frenzy are finally over. Once again, priorities need to be aligned. 

I have a special attachment to pandas. I mean, I look like one, and who doesn't want to live like one? Roll around all day, eat and sleep. There may not exist a more amazing existence. Pandas aren't that cute in real life, but when simplified down to 2D cartoons they can be plain amazing. I have a small panda pouch that I use, although I tend to resent the fact that when you flip it over there's an "Ocean Park" logo. 

I doubt I'll be patronising this, but Lane Crawford x Nicola Formichetti's Nico Panda range is honestly no surprise, Formichetti and his bing-bang panda obsession takes the cake.

Also of somewhat relevant interest is a paper made from dress. Although relevant paper dresses for me extends only to those of green paper we use in replacement of barter trade, who doesn't like a pretty mini dress with fans of paper for a skirt? kikki.K's (insert note: cult, highly desired, expensive stationary - trust me, I've heard of friends saying they wanted to save up for a notebook. How often is that heard?) paper dress for AFF will be display in their ION shop, and I will be taking a look at it for sure.

That geometrical black necklace would do wonders in any outfit. Now, if they'd make a more durable, waterproof, and unfortunately, less "environmentally-friendly" version of that, maybe I'd patronize their shop more often. Heh.

047 - New room

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Today was official moving day - and once more I'm reminded of the imperative need that I realign my priorities while I sit here in a mess of a room, typing this post, ignoring all my projects and upcoming exams on Thursday. That's the way to go.

I have some semblance or distant relative of a 'walk-in wardrobe', basically being a toilet door entrance flanked on both sides by closets. It would make me infinitely happier if I had a huge shoe shelf, but don't believe those nonsensical pictures, it'll stink your room like a skunk. 

I managed to relatively arrange my main clothing pieces by color, ah, the overwhelming blacks and whites. Eternal pieces thank you very much. Seems like I don't have that many clothes (relative, relative) when I take out all the useless pieces that I don't, and probably will never wear again. Of course there is also a bunch of folded clothes sitting on my bed waiting to be folded since the hangers haven't been unpacked yet. 

On the other side, I requested shelvings. Oh lookie, a labelled image, how nice of me. I really want to leave my accessory mannequins there but it might be in the way once I actually hang clothes, so I'll see what happens. A trip down to Muji is also in session, I need some acrylic drawers and such for all my accessories. 

And below that is more hanging space, but for now I'm hanging clothes I doubt I'll wear again (save the Burberry culottes, which I'm still trying to create an outfit with), and dumping a whole bunch of nonsense inside. Beige Mango suede shoes I got on sale, which are a few shades (such a pity) off my skin tone, or not I'll really have amazing legs. See that floral-green piece on the left? That's a baby Laura Ashley dress, which my mum insists I keep for my daughter.

If I ever have one, that is.