045 - Massive spam

In a mish mash of cuts and random shading, I have finished f(cut). Shark bites + folded curtains + translucent collars = fun ready-to-wear fer erryone. Multiple shades of grey for even more fun in the sun! Probably the worst technical drawings of pieces 4-6, under the cut. 

On another planet called my wallet, which has been drained empty, Watsons is having their sale so I decided to get myself some liquid liner. Decision has been made to forever dedicate myself to Revlon eyeliners because they last so long - primer + some of their eyeliner can get you through a sweaty physical ed session. I speak from experience. 

And I've been hearing wonders about Maybelline's mascara (although I've been using Falsies) - I even had a conversation with a random stranger, very friendly I might add, about mascaras once. How bimbotic and fun. "Elastomeric Brush - Gentle to lashes", god knows what that word means, and "Convex shape - Fits Asian lashes", how apt.

I participated in URBAN's contest for fun, twice, and on the second try I managed to win myself $118 worth of REDKEN hair products. Although the trip all the way down to SPH publishing in this freak weather is making me reconsidering how worth it this is. 

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Argan-6 oil, which I have no experience of using. I haven't heard much about these, but I hope even if they're good, I don't get too /addicted/ to them for my pocket isn't deep enough. A one-chance pamper treatment for my hair it is. 

Good Friday! I'm going to spend that once more knee deep in fluffy clouds of dust, which I have developed a terrible distaste for. Packing is one thing, unpacking is another. 

If you're interested, f(cut) technical drawings under the cut.

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