047 - New room

Today was official moving day - and once more I'm reminded of the imperative need that I realign my priorities while I sit here in a mess of a room, typing this post, ignoring all my projects and upcoming exams on Thursday. That's the way to go.

I have some semblance or distant relative of a 'walk-in wardrobe', basically being a toilet door entrance flanked on both sides by closets. It would make me infinitely happier if I had a huge shoe shelf, but don't believe those nonsensical pictures, it'll stink your room like a skunk. 

I managed to relatively arrange my main clothing pieces by color, ah, the overwhelming blacks and whites. Eternal pieces thank you very much. Seems like I don't have that many clothes (relative, relative) when I take out all the useless pieces that I don't, and probably will never wear again. Of course there is also a bunch of folded clothes sitting on my bed waiting to be folded since the hangers haven't been unpacked yet. 

On the other side, I requested shelvings. Oh lookie, a labelled image, how nice of me. I really want to leave my accessory mannequins there but it might be in the way once I actually hang clothes, so I'll see what happens. A trip down to Muji is also in session, I need some acrylic drawers and such for all my accessories. 

And below that is more hanging space, but for now I'm hanging clothes I doubt I'll wear again (save the Burberry culottes, which I'm still trying to create an outfit with), and dumping a whole bunch of nonsense inside. Beige Mango suede shoes I got on sale, which are a few shades (such a pity) off my skin tone, or not I'll really have amazing legs. See that floral-green piece on the left? That's a baby Laura Ashley dress, which my mum insists I keep for my daughter.

If I ever have one, that is.

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