048 - that of Papers

It would be in my best interest to forego this post right now and go back to bed to sleep the remainder of my cold off, since the past 3 days of mathematical frenzy are finally over. Once again, priorities need to be aligned. 

I have a special attachment to pandas. I mean, I look like one, and who doesn't want to live like one? Roll around all day, eat and sleep. There may not exist a more amazing existence. Pandas aren't that cute in real life, but when simplified down to 2D cartoons they can be plain amazing. I have a small panda pouch that I use, although I tend to resent the fact that when you flip it over there's an "Ocean Park" logo. 

I doubt I'll be patronising this, but Lane Crawford x Nicola Formichetti's Nico Panda range is honestly no surprise, Formichetti and his bing-bang panda obsession takes the cake.

Also of somewhat relevant interest is a paper made from dress. Although relevant paper dresses for me extends only to those of green paper we use in replacement of barter trade, who doesn't like a pretty mini dress with fans of paper for a skirt? kikki.K's (insert note: cult, highly desired, expensive stationary - trust me, I've heard of friends saying they wanted to save up for a notebook. How often is that heard?) paper dress for AFF will be display in their ION shop, and I will be taking a look at it for sure.

That geometrical black necklace would do wonders in any outfit. Now, if they'd make a more durable, waterproof, and unfortunately, less "environmentally-friendly" version of that, maybe I'd patronize their shop more often. Heh.

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