049 - ASOS Haul

Considering I've been looking forward to this package for close to two weeks, you think I'd be more attentive when a silver pack inconspicuously made its way onto my dining table. In my defense, I thought it'd come in a box. First time ordering from asos and well.. mixed views. Nonetheless, this morning found me carrying two bowls of cereal and yogurt into my room when I spotted this shiny little thing and proceeded to ignore breakfast and explore its contents.

Plastic. The big brown lighter price piece is a long outer, and I'm wondering if I made the right decision buying it, but I'll find some time to wear it. 

Perspex clutch - finally some color in my wardrobe! Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoicer! 

The product I was probably looking most forward to - guitar coil bracelets. A whole pack of them. What is arm party? I foresee arm orgy. 

Foil shirt! It would've been cooler if they had it in some color other than this copper, but I'll have to make do. Although it must be acknowledge I paid around 30SGD for this (averaged this price for all the items) I was quite disappointed that there was no lining. Tried it on for a while and some areas started feeling a bitchy (a bit-itchy = bitchy; my play on words is just getting better)


Ever since this app has made it into the android market (finally.) and my friend alerted me of its /ethereal/ presence, I've been taking a few pictures. My day starts off with

"Zara leather bluchers and poorly concealed socks!"
I must add that this was probably Spring/Summer 2011's collection, and I wanted them so bad but they were ~150SGD, and I refused to buy them. Then I saw them at the end of the year in Rome's Zara (not saw, more like hunted it down at every outlet) and it was about $120, though before or after tax slips my memory. That plus the fact that you're on holiday and that comes with a "just buy since you can't get it in Singapore" mentality, this babies went home with me!

“Oh god my blister arghhhhh I still have to walk around after this. Must bear.”

Who said beauty came cheap? Walking around in these stiff shoes gave me really bad blisters. Probably cause I ignored it and kept walking either way.

“Black white and gold”
Boredom is bound to get you sometimes. A.Wang-inspired cat-eye sunglasses, Prada soft calfskin wallet, white-gold bangle from Far East.

Pray for mon blister.

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