050 - Extra-terrestrial Zebras

Sunday morning saw me scouring the pages of Net-a-porter to create a homage to all sorts of zebra-esque, monochromatic life here on earth. Although this zebra was probably born a bit more black than white.

3.1 Phillip Lim will forever be creating the most amazing, minimalistic bags that need to crawl their way into my closet with 31 Hour Two-tone leather tote, which I have been staring at ever since it made it's mark in history down the runway with the unique way in which their model owners held them, and the Pashli textured-leather tote, which reminds me of C√ČLINE's now-passe luggage tote, and it's successor the Trapeze, with the extra zips, but that's just me. Extra points for gold hardware.

Jumping past the 2k silk dresses by born-in-Singapore (forever a sore topic) Prabal Gurung, we jack up the price 3 times for this raw-edged tiered silk chiffon coat in some spell binding extra-terrestial zebra patterns. Not sure how many eels were used, and how many slices of unagi we could eat in the process, but Proenza Schouler's button-front eel a-line skirt will make for some good text-rar. Pajama pants? Maxi skirts? How boring. Here's something you don't see too often - Rag & Bone's leather-trimmed silk-chiffon maxi culottes. Hello best of both worlds (Hannah Montana, anyone?)

Polished leather sandals of every sort with ACNE's fuchsia-glossed leather sandals, and maybe something a bit more fun with Marni's leather and wood sandals. Perhaps the inclusion of some wood would be an acknowledgement to the birthplace of extra terrestrial zebras. Special mention goes to McQ's flame applique leather pumps, but it got a bit too tan, with cream instead of white. Less time in the sun maybe.

And I will be forced to end this post with an argument that while everyone else is flashing those sickly sweet pastels and eye bombing vibrant hues, you can be even more special by exemplifying the extra-terrestrial zebra. Homage!

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