051 - Revolutionary

All this talk of zebras has launched me into the next stage of animal revolution - Long necked giraffes and their awkward appendages. Although it does interest me how animal prints aren't being exploited enough - the aforementioned extra terrestrial zebras and now giraffes. Perhaps we should try along the lines of peacock or a myriad of parrot colors. And with this proposal of animal revolution in fashion I also propose the revolutionary comeback of tunics. 

What originated as white-counterpart capsule collection designs to f(cut) got slapped on with deplorable attempts at "gold embroidery detailing" that resembles some form of "royalty" fashion. Perhaps a good look at Dolce & Gabbana's or Balmain's Fall 2012 collection will set you in the direction I was aiming for. 

On a belated note, herworld released the AFF show timings, and I'm experiencing high level stress from figuring if I should be going for Mugler only, or attempting to head for Parco next next as well. 

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