053 - BLUEPRINT 2012

This week is finally over, but there's still the next. Nonetheless I find myself scrolling through facebook and stumbling across BLUEPRINT's photos for their emporium during AFF Week.

Emma Ware Jewelry pieces at Nana & Bird

Marie Tunor leather lunch bag at Nana & Bird
I need to get my hands on this! The leather reflects really well - it might actually convince people in distance it's a paper lunch bag. Reminds me of Jil Sander's Men Fall 2012 show too. 

Ostwald Helgason, London-based label

Womenswear label Stolen. 
Absolutely captivated by the structure of their pieces!

Indonesian label NIKICIO who I have been keeping my eye on ;)

If I haven't made my love for wood and wood-looking products clear yet, I shall, by expressing the deep desire I have for that large tote. 

On a side note, AFF tickets are supposedly supposed meant to go on sale today, yet prices and details haven't been released. Hrn. And I brought my Macbook to school for nothing (years of concert-ticking have hone mon skills). Parco next next and Mugler please! And I guess if I'm free I should go for said BLUEPRINT emporium but I'd just be devastated when I leave hands empty.

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