054 - 7 Deadly Sins 2012 Teaser

Allena (finally haha, but it was so worth the wait!) showed me her drafts/rough sketches for my 7 Deadly Sins Haute Couture Remake 2012 collection - I'm attempting to go for illustrations with faces and shading and everything in this time for a more holistic and stunning effect, and I've employed her wonderful help! She's really been a blessing and I hope she doesn't get irritated at me for constantly tweeting her "How's it going" every week haha! 

It's been about 2 months since I embarked on this project, I covered it in in my 4th post (wow we're at 50 now), and I did a silhouette teaser on deviantArt. Can't wait for everything to be done! I drew up so many reference sheets - though it seems I'm still not clear enough haha more improvement needed - and compiled tons of reference pictures for textures and stuff. Tiring but it was really worth it and I'm really quite proud of a few of these designs (compared to the paltry cannot-be-called-designs I drew this morning).

Hurr, onward!

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