057 - Of Bings, Bongs and Bangs

Yesterday, AFF tweeted "Ticketing information to Audi Fashion Festival 2012 shows will be released in a few minutes!", resulting in me staring at my phone throughout the entire duration of my dinner.

Of course, "a few minutes" in AFF time translates to "close to an hour" in real life. Nonetheless, I grabbed my tickets (whether this seating will turn out to be good or bad is yet to be seen) for Mugler's opening show with Nicola Formichetti (maximum scream) and PARCO next NEXT!'s show which I will be attending with my mum on Saturday - the latter saying she just likes to see people walk down a runway.

(Buy your tickets @ gatecrash.com.sg - Parco is $20, Mugler is $120, but 10% off for Mastercard holders!)

On another note, I was running through my Pinterest (link at the side) last night and I thought I'd share some of the more amazing pieces I stumbled across during the Fall 2012 shows!

(left) Moncler Gamme Rouge Fall 2012 - most amazing winter-thick-parka show with amazing snowy mountain prints which I wish were transferred onto something more wearable in this ridiculously humid country
(right) Jean-Charles De Castalbajac (what a mouthful) Fall 2012 - Crazy bird prints on an sports-style jacket yum

(left) WOW-moment with Valentino's sequined pattern dress (the only thought going through my head be "oh my god") 
(right) Oriental + Dropped shoulders at A Detacher

Minimalist and straight to the point with Hakaan and Paco Rabanne Fall 2012

Audi Fashion Festival is going to be all sorts of glorious fun.

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