058 - 10 Monsters

I'm not too sure if I'm fond of this Mulberry Monster. (spurred by Vogue's tweet/tumblr here
[photo credits here]

On another hand, read as attached below for what was Sunday's post that never really surfaced onto the white page of this blog:

In what is seemingly become a Sunday morning routine of browsing net-a-porter, they tell me that I need 10 essentials in my closet. So here are my picks: For the shirt we have Equipment's embellished shirt - because, let's be honest if I needed a plain shirt I wouldn't need to pay >$300 to get a decent one. For the knits we have some volume and shape fun with The Row's cashmere cocoon cardigan (alliteration x trois).
Now, for all purposes I am skipping past Essential #3 jeans because I'm still boycotting them. Now, something I admit it's high time I invest it - a good leather jacket. Theory's leather biker jacket please and thank you. Now, a classic bag and PS1 is an obvious choice. Done deal. For the shoes, Gucci's leather platform ankle boots!
Let us also take this time to notice that majority of the pieces I have picked out are black - and what that says about my fashion choices. Blazers - I admit I have plenty of those already, but I could do with this Stella McCartney one since the ones I have are shorter and less slim cut than I'd like. What is a trench if you do not get it from the reigning dictator of trenches Burberry? A jersey top by T by Alexander Wang because you can't really tell the difference after looking at >60 jersey tops, and Alexander Wang is appealing enough.
And underpinnings. Just for laugh, seamless socks.

And coincidentally, tomorrow is "dressup as a mystery book character day" and my class picked "And Then There Were None" - it's too hard to dress up as a character, and considering aforementioned disposition towards black, it's easy enough for me to rock a punk party on mon's appendages and dress in all black and write it off as "I'm the theme - death". 

Added bonus would be wearing a sheer full-length button up dress from Editor's (only the top two button for flowing matrix effect), black leatherette shorts and a black tee shirt and I can level up to be "death lord" and everyone else shall be my minions. I'm looking forward to it.

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