060 - New Shoes

Finally gotten around to getting the new shoes I have been declaring I require for some time. Although it's not what I'm looking for, I'm willing to settle for less and temporary gratification. Silver H&M sandals - I hope I don't regret the buy I'll have to figure out what to pair it with. Probably blacks and whites (oh, what's new?)

Speaking of which, I also finally got around to attempting to werk that vintage Burberry hand-me-down culottes from ma mere today although I shall label this failure #1. Lacking something, and I need to figure out what. But in the meantime, here's a picture of my failure - together with sad attempts to increase my height.

Editor's basic black tee, Cultlabel A.Wang inspired Sunglasses, Lacquar's rad punk arm parties, Vintage Burberry culottes, Clarks suede desert boots

We were at Cineleisure in front of local label Depression, and when my other friend said she needed to go to the toilet to change, I was like, 

"Sure, I want to go into Depression anyway." 

Which got interpreted without the capital D or that I was some amazing pun-maker. Nonetheless, above pictured friend Thalia decided to post on my wall:

"how are you doing walking into depression again haha"

Berry funny.