061 - White Gold

Happiness arrived, a lot earlier than I expected, in the mail last Friday. Cannot. Wait. 

2 days later on a fine Sunday morning post-out-of-bed-rolling I finally make use of the perspex clutch I got from ASOS the other time.

I need to go shopping - I'm running out of outfit ideas. A mix-mash of a paltry attempt as "pajama fashion" with an all-white ill-fitting ensemble and the itching need to match my new H&M silver sandals. Ill-fitting outfit matched with ill-taken handphone picture outside one of the gifts to mankind, Provence.

Editor's metal-tipped shirt, Giordano shorts from the era of when I was 12,
ASOS perspex clutch, H&M silver sandals

On the topic of white-gold (aka silver, if the dots haven't managed to connect themselves in your head), Simone Rocha's fall 2012 collection definitely left a deep impression on me, flashes of those bold silver, edgy and undeniably chic looks making my fingers itch to draw something so similar. 

Lack of color aid, but the panels with diagonal sketch lines are meant to be silver. The obvious tilt of my drawing is obvious. This started in Chemistry class, though I reckon it'll never be finished. Darn my short attention span.

Simone Rocha Fall 2012 Collection (pictures from Vogue.it)

An online shopping trip is in order.

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