088 - Reptile Eyes

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I finally got new shoes! I've been hunting around for a good pair, and although these aren't staple shoes I was looking for (since my platforms are disintegrating), I couldn't resist getting them the moment I saw them! 

Like little, black-eyed reptiles staring at you. They'll pair with the snakeskin-print H&M envelope clutch I have, and now I'm rethinking passing on those gray snakeskin-print shorts from Mango. Perhaps I shall return and buy them, and then create the ultimate reptilian ensemble.

I scoured high and low in Orchard Road today, since it apparently is the GSS, but all the sales were pretty horrid. There was nothing much to buy, and for ridiculous reason there seemed to be an absurd amount of dresses on sale. So, yes, I was in a pretty sour mood when we left Orchard until I convinced my mother to drive to Iluma (now known as Bugis+) to check out Lacquar's new outlet!

Photos from Lacquar's FB

Much larger than their Far East outlet, and they even carry menswear now! I managed to snag these shoes and that black blouse on display, and I'm pretty sure I'll be returning soon.

Do check it out, they're having 10% discount to celebrate their opening, and while we were paying, the cashier told me that I could collect the receipts and when I spent up to $500, I could get a lifetime membership that entitled me to 10% discounts regularly and 20% in my birthday month. Challenge Accepted. (Now if I can only spend $500 by the end of this month so I can enjoy those birthday benefits in July. Damn.)

On a side note, when my brother saw the Lacquar paper bag, he went, 
"What's this? You bought so much nail polish?"


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Ever since I saw URBAN's instagrams on Monday, I have been anticipating the official pictures of the Lasalle graduate fashion show, RE-GENERATION. Prepare yourself for massive picture spam and visual stimulation:

REVELATION by Josiah Chua: Crazy (I unconsciously typed 'crack', and I might not be too far off on that) and visual psychedelia with prints and colors galore. The 6-piece collect has lots of volumes on the pants, contrasting prints and varying textures. Love the literal sphinx and the oily sheen on the jacket on the right (reminds me of Blumarine Fall 2012!)

Ideal World by Liu Xuanxiu is without a doubt one of the most amazing collections in the show. When I first saw the instagram by URBAN, I was clamoring for more. IT LIGHTS UP! There are LED lights on the dress oh my god. Structure meets origami meets broad shoulders and flowy skirts, and the translucent fabric for the panel on the left is stunning.

Bilateral Gynandromorphism by Celestine Wang: I had to google that. "A gynandromorph is an organism that contains both male and female characteristics." Lots of structure in this collection too, especially stunning with the sharp and pointed shoulders.

The Advent of the Queen by Maria Goretty Natalia: Regal, majestic, imposing, and definitely very very queen-like. A lot of loose strings and ribbon fabric that would probably be hell to untangle. Simple poncho coat on the right deserves love.

The Black Swan by Vikas Dayal: Looks like it belongs on a runway or something in the workroom of Alexander McQueen. Furry and avant garde, the use of sheer fabrics and different textures didn't make the monotone black collection seem too boring. 

Alienesque, by Queen Marcia Ngatiran: Broad, structured shoulders are terribly popular in this show. Figure hugging silhouettes, and a dress in this collection actually featured some scale-like appliques (think Givenchy). 

Celtic Twilight, by Diana Taufik: Regal white suit with a gold belt for a tinge of elegance receives 100% approval. The belts more or less pull the whole collection together, and they are amazingly done. Zoom in on the flowy peach-pink dress and you will have to adore the unique web-like straps on it.

Analogous Juxtaposition of the Thar by Catherine Chew: Wow, I keep learning new words throughout this show. Excuse my ignorance for I've just learnt that the Thar is a desert. How you juxtapose infinite expanse of sand, I have no idea, but this collection hits the spot. Can you imagine that amazing poncho coming down the runway? The prints are wonderful and she's hitting the trend with dropped waists in the right panel!

Winter Prophecy, by Astrid Angelina Rimba: Leather meets soft sheer, and I especially love the somewhat deconstructed look on the right, but I can't seem to figure where the black fabric starts and ends... hmmm...

The Ultimate Expression, by Wona Yeung: A nice change of pace from the very visually stimulating pieces we've been seeing, The Ultimate Expression is the Ultimate Relaxation, soft, comfortable silhouettes and colors, with sweet paintings like bamboos and flowers.

A Medieval Expedition, by Alisha Tukol: There are so many astounding prints in this show, and this is another one of them. The print seems a bit futuristic for a "medieval expedition", but perhaps the silver foil additions and "masks" do reflect a bit of that. I really really love the sportswear meets comfortable dress on the right though!

Linear Distortion, by Serena Chugh: There were white pieces in this collection I decided not to feature, because I absolutely love the structure in these two pieces. The added shoulders are really bold, and the huge encompassing collar in the right piece looks so.. fun.

Maiden of the Shade - The fall of the goddess of Spring, by Catharina Vania: The butterfly detailing in the top on the left is plain amazing, and I love the slight leather sheen of the fabric. 

Daughter of the Sea, by Bi Yue: The jacket on the left is stunning. It reminds me of one of Valentino's pink masterpieces that made the cover of it's Themes and Variation photobook (and seeing it real live when they brought the pieces over last year!). The collection presents both a youthful and mature interpretation of a "daughter of the sea".

Macabre Retaliation, by Grace Supandy: The gatherings on the bodice on the left are crazy! There seem to be a lot of all black collections, but this one definitely stands out with the use of that.. chain mail? 

Bold Beauty, by Laura Suria: I'm guessing this takes on a sort of huntsmen feel, at least that's the vibe I'm getting from the right piece. The shark bites in the pants! ! ! Very bold, very daring, true to it's name.

Inescapable Bullfight Revelation, by Mishiel: A collection that definitely resonates with it's name. I love the folded tip shoulders (it was honestly what I was planning for the Gluttony piece in my 7 deadly sins collection), and the interesting.. "veil" on the right. The collection didn't need a full-out red to signify bullfights, in fact I did this deep fuchsia did the collection better.

ILight Inner Voice, by Yeo Siew Fong: A light, fairly luminous collection. This show is definitely bringing out some amazing collars on the left panel is plain amazing. The light beige in slight contrast to the light peach-orange on the inside, plus those amazing wing-cut outs on the oversized hood.

Victoria’s Escape, by Rachel Wong: The lace dress is plain stunning. Very feminine, very sleek but still a bit flirty, and the use leather addition doesn't make the whole 'lace' concept seem too old. More structure, but this time at the hips. Looks a bit like a tiny rocket.

The Cross-Bearer, by Kartika Indah Dewi: The left panel has got to be one of my favorite pieces in the whole collection. I love the idea of fairly structure white pieces with gold embroidery (see here, where I miserably tried to sketch one), and the mini skirt paired with the oversized cape is just glorious win through and through.

I wish I had known about the show early enough to buy a ticket, but I definitely won't miss out on next year's! Stunning show with more than enough pieces looking like they belong on a professional runway or a haute couture show. Personally, top three collections would have to be: 1) Ideal World by Liu Xuanxiu: the 2 pieces featured aren't enough to showcase the amazing talent this designer has at structural, avant garde dresses; 2) Analogous Juxtaposition of the Thar by Catherine Chew: love the flamboyancy of some pieces, the flaring skirts, the dropped waists, and the very effective "juxtaposition" of a desert; 3) A Medieval Expedition, by Alisha Tukol: an edgy print combined with ready-to-wear looks fit for the runway and for daily life.

My mind is tingling with inspiration for a response collection.

All photos from Lasalle's flickr here

086 - Argentum

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the fancy latin name for silver.

I remember being ridiculously obsessed with gold last year, and I was so miffed I couldn't find a good gold collar necklace until suddenly it exploded and appeared everywhere in Spring. However, my closet needs to take a shift towards silver. Gold with black is nice, so is gold with white, but who can deny the lustrous allure of silver with white? This also leaves me in the terrible position of putting away all my gold statement necklaces and having to pursue good silver ones in the market.

I flipped when I saw this Theyskens' Theory metallic textured leather skirt while browsing my favorite remind-yourself-you-cannot-afford-these-clothes website, Net a Porter. I cannot recall how many times I have mentioned my infatuation with Simone Rocha's Fall 2012 collection and the burning desire it has created for me to own some foil or metallic-textured pieces. Now, if someone could begin to sell silver shorts at a decent price.. 

Other beautiful space-suit like accessories include Karl metallic leather wedge sandals, making you feel like a real spacewoman since 2012. For those who seek to destroy asteroids in their path, spiked metallic Louboutin pumps. And Miuccia will bestow you with a leather clutch to bring home all those little bits of rocks and alien souvenirs. 

From my house's cheerleading team, silver nails should make a comeback and if everything else goes awry and you're either a) lacking cash or b) unable to find good silver friends for your appendages, then use an aluminium foil and bake your skin in the sun. 

Silver makes you look so precious. (aha, precious metal?)

085 - Doodling Nothings

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Boring talks essentially see me doodling random ideas. I surmise that doodling nothings and hopefully ending up somewhere will always be better than ensconcing in your thinking chair and waiting for a ground breaking inspiration to hit you. 

On the left, color palette that reminds me of Rodarte-Meets-Van-Gogh S/S 2012 Starry Night contraption, something like a knitted collar marrying structured blazers. Circles and circles of ribbons or stripes make up the sleeves in the top one, but it gets funkier in the bottom layer. I recently stumbled upon a picture of a blazer that had a form of indentation, and since I cannot wrap my mind around how it's done, my answer to that is using a transparent panel and an inner lining to sort of project the apparent indentation. 

Meet Mrs Geometry on the right. My obsession with the word (and the concept of) peplum (pe-plum sounds much better than pep-lum) doodles up this geometric top, accompanied by a box vest with folded collars. I must ask, where are all the decent box-vests? I've been hunting high and low for quite some time.

And lastly, the surge of Issey Miyake Bao Bao bags I saw at AFF and the fact that I pass by it's window at Isetan every week led me to think, wouldn't it be fun to have a shirt that works on the same concept? So I present to you, my very deplorably drawn, Bao Bao tank top. 

I embody "messy" in much I do.

084 - Square bottoms

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Captioned: "I wish square bottoms were practical."

Someone needs to award me a prize because this is the first time I'm wearing a dress since 2848 days ago (which, for untrained minds, roughly translates into 8 years). The only dress I've been particularly wanting to wear is the stretchy cotton kind, and when I passed by the sale at m)phosis yesterday I couldn't help but snatch up this maxi which was at 50% discount.

It's sleeveless though, and even though the weather is unforgiving, I still buttoned up a blazer, tossed on some wedges and went out. Fully covered, wonderfully decent.

(Uncontrollable facial muscles today.) 

Ah, I forgot to take pictures of Thalia. Damn, and she's such a popular topic on this blog. (Ufu.)

M)phosis Maxi dress; ASOS and Lacquar accessories; G2000 blazer, Thrifted bag, Far East boots.