062 - Killin' it

(it'd be apt if you play Killin' it by Krewella right now)

Mouse rolling down my Facebook newsfeed trips me over Club 21's photo uploads that make me reconsider dropping out of school and working to splurge my money on said pieces.

No not really, but nonetheless. Who can forget Balenciaga's drop-dead neoprene structured jackets, priced at a lovely $6000! Hopefully they offer a buy-one-get-one-free with this rayon silk art print top. Balenciaga be more than just killin' it, they be killin' even the flies in your wallet.

And then they were tasteful totes and all sorts of lovely companions for your lonely appendages.

Not sure how many times I can weep over my inability to afford 3.1 Phillip Lim's 31 hour bag.
Minimalism at its finest.

Acne is back with vengeance with their signature tassels for their season, but in an impeccable tailored tote. Itching to run my fingers through that leather fringe at the bottom.....

No matter which corner of the universe I plan on hiding in, Dries Van Noten is always going to find me and taunt me with his Spring 2012 prints. First it was the tropical forest print clutch, and now its the monochrome mountain scenery. 

I must be a cat with the number of lives I'm losing.

all images from Club 21 @ Facebook

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