064 - Hunters & Opportunists

French class is becoming synonymous with somewhat increased design productivity. I would  have said this was inspired by Avengers (which I finally managed to catch after my exams today - note: rejoice), but the end product seems to only be 5% of Avengers inspiration. 10% can be argued. I knight this the proliferation of rejuvenation of ridiculously wide shoulders which /royal men/ seem to love - to a certain extent I would reckon it projects a more imposing image.

Animation is fun for all, but if you insist on looking at stationary images, please visit the complete picture at my deviantart ce la. 

Moving on to a more wordy topic, weekly Friday morning URBAN browsing brought me on the topic of men shoppers as "hunters" - seeking exact pieces -  versus women shoppers as "gatherers" - buying anything and everything. Gatherers makes us seem so shallow and fickle (although I will not deny such an assertion to a certain extent), but rather we should term it, "opportunists". Does that not sound infinitely better?

I'm personally quite a hunter, but once and again I do indulge in a buy or two despite low levels of confidence that I'll ever make proper use of it. I term it "the art of fashion prompts". A buy or two in styles you haven't tried might result in less prosaic sartorial choices. Nevertheless, I will always stay clear of absolute NO-ZONES also known as ridiculously girly and flowery cloths belonging to the realms of floral printed skirts and dresses.

What a ridiculous thought.

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