065 - Les manchots

My lighted screen flickers into Zara.com and I barely conceal my squeal of delight at LIU WEN FOR ZARA! Hashtag ASIANPRIDE!

I originally logged on because I wanted to find a picture of these sheer snake-print trousers (with safety shorts inside) that really made me want to wear long pants - despite my ardent opposition. Unfortunately, money is being tight and this is ranging way out of my age-zone, so I shall let it slide. But, I call forth the trend of sheer pants - more better pop up soon.

However, seeing as such Liu Wen's timely arrival into my gloomy life, Liu Wen-appreciation phase is now being enacted. 

On a side note, Liu Wen has almost the same expression in all the shots, that ethereal aquatic print dress and the ground it walks on needs to be worshipped ten times over.

Penguins are grey, black and white. Excuse the terrible face - I seem to have taken the "exams-are-over" sentiment overboard and slept at 4am. Hence, we also get the stumbling effect of penguins. Take things further, and I travel all the way to town for my japanois class only to remember it's a public holiday. Wonderful.

Editor's metal-tipped white shirt and pleather combo shorts, Lacquar spiked bracelet, H&M cardigan, Far East platforms, (p)leather bag from Monorain

Ending off on a warning note, with the ridiculous (more like asinine) weather in Singapore nowadays, I tweeted/instagram-ed:

“Suicide to wear a long sleeve shirt + a cardigan during this time of the year”

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